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We humans usually recognize something we call reality 
that is different from our thoughts and dreams. It includes 
matter that has continuity in time, extension in space, and 
a force, or will, that overrides our thoughts and dreams. 
Most of us divide matter into two categories: non-living 
matter and living things. 

We, and all living things, have command over the force 
of a limited portion of matter that we call our bodies. Our 
will uses the force of this limited portion of matter to in- 
teract with the world of reality. 

All living things eat, or absorb matter that is not part 
of their bodies, and thereby increase the portion of matter 
that responds to their wills. 

Some humans have become fascinated by their ability 
to manipulate the force in non-living matter. The fascina- 
tion that some find in manipulating what is outside them- 
selves, living things as well as non-living matter, goes to an 
extreme that triggers opposition from others. 

The total amount of matter that has extension in space 
and continuity in time is awesomely great in comparison to 
that which is under the command of an individual's will. We 
can postulate that there is, or was, a will controlling the 
whole; or we can postulate that the force in non-living 
matter is not, and possibly has never been, under the com- 
mand of a will similar to our own. 

The authors of this work recognize that we, we living 
things, have creative consciousness. Our current knowledge 
indicates that we evolved from an aboriginal single cell. 
Because our creative consciousness is born as part of us, 
we think it is sound reasoning to assume that there is, or 
was, an aboriginal creative consciousness from which our 
own was born - and to assume that creative consciousness 
of the same heritage, along with the will that directs the 
force of our bodies, is within all living things. 

Some humans try to communicate their impressions of 
total reality to other humans in words. The invention and 
use of words might be a great accomplishment if words 
were used exclusively to communicate. However, a misuse 
of words - the use of words, not to communicate but to 
control the will of others - has created a worldwide prob- 
lem for the human species. 

Mass warfare is a very conspicuous aspect of this 

A less conspicuous aspect is peaceful mass acquiesence 
to the acts of those who are poisoning the earth, air, and 
! water on which all living things depend. 

A third, but still less conspicuous aspect, is the des- 
truction of human life's quality by the use of manipulated 
masses to destroy individual freedom. The manipulated 
masses force individuals to surrender their innate sover- 
eignty and creative consciousness to a fictional sovereignty 
and will that is claimed as a group prerogative by the 
groups' manipulators. 

Word-controlled groups are crowding out all direct in- 
teraction between individuals and total reality. Human in- 
dividuals are ceasing to function as anything other than 
parts of a group. __ The quality of individual human life is 
"Being reduced to that of a cell in a multicelled organism. 

This work will examine the specific misuse of words 
that has led to this condition. Its authors view the trend as 
undesirable and want to reverse it. This work presents that 
viewpoint for open discussion. 

Reversing the present trend means consciously reject- 
ing the misuse of words for mass manipulation and reclaim- 
ing our individual sovereignty from the word manipulated 
group. This cannot be done by creating a new word manipu- 
lated group. It can only be done by the cooperative effort 
of conscious, perceptive, reasoning individuals. Our 
examination of the workings of a non-manipulated group of 
perceptive individuals will give us an example that was 
once a major world force. 

Words, which override the perception and will inherited 
from the aboriginal creative consciousness, are imposed on 
most children while they are extremely young. Overriding 


the newborn individual's innate consciousn perception with 
words may be done willfully, or may be done unintentional- 
ly because inprecisions and double meanings are built into 
the language. 

We will try to avoid confusing words, and limit what 
we postulate about the currently functioning long range 
direction of the creative consciousness to what can be de- 
duced by observing the world of reality. 

Our individual creative consciousness operates in the 
universe of time. 

We observe that we evolved from single cells through a 
process of evolution. The process of evolution operates in 
the universe of time and its observable direction exists in 
the universe of time. 

Without discussing time, space, and non-living matter, 
we are beginning this history with the first living things, 
from which it is generally assumed that we have unbroken 
continuity. If we respect ourselves we must respect some- 
thing - a value, creative consciousness, force, will, or 
whatever we name it - that is identified with the process 
of evolution. If that something were not operative, we 
would still be egg-heads without bodies, little balls, single 
cells floating in the soup with other single cells. 

We will orient on what our observation of the evolu- 
tionary process tells us about the long range direction of 
that something - which we call the aboriginal creative con- 
sciousness - during the time that the creative function can 
be seen in living things. 

From the facts that can be observed, we assume that 
the first single cell grew and then divided itself and be- 
came two. 

This cell division is the first observable indication of 
the direction established by the process of evolution. Each 
of the two new cells that came from the first divided in 
the same way. This happened again and again. 

Then some of the cells began to stay together and co- 
operate. In time they began to specialize. Some took in the 

food. Some passed it around to the others. Some threw out 
what was left that none of them wanted. 

This specialization went on until the cells within the 
cooperative organization could not survive alone. When we 
see that happen, we begin to think of the total group of 
specialized, cooperating cells as the living thing. We call 
the thing we are focusing our attention on and talking 
about an entity. When the cells cannot survive alone, we 
change our focus and think about the multi-celled thing as 
the new living entity. 

Some living entities take most of their food from the 
earth and sunlight. Some get their food by eating the 
others. Eating instead of being eaten became an early basis 
of the evolutionary process that selected living entities for 
survival. When finding good things to eat and eating them 
was the only relationship between living things they all 
seemed to have enjoyed it. It appears that this went on for 
over two thousand million years. 

Then, maybe about six hundred million years ago, the 
evolutionary process resulted in a new pattern that we call 
sex. Before sex each living entity merely divided itself to 
make a new entity. Sex, as a condition for species survival, 
requires that two different entities come together, that 
each give part of itself, and the parts be joined to make a 
new entity. 

Sex introduced a new way of selecting living things for 
evolutionary survival. Species survival required a sexual 
creature to enjoy perception of another living entity with- 
out eating and making it part of itself. 

The old evolutionary pattern of eat or be eaten was 
still part of the evolutionary selective process. Sex did not 
replace it. Sex was added to it. In order to continue as 
part of the time flowing direction of evolution, living 
entities of the new kind had to work both into their pat- 
tern of living. 

Survival on the evolutionary plateau of sex required 
improved perception. The evolutionary process selected for 
survival those who could perceive and find value in an enti- 
ty other than oneself. We have observed that enjoyment of 
living is part of the inborn force, or will, that character- 
izes living things. On the sexual plateau, perceptive enjoy- 


ment of an entity different from oneself as an objective 
whole - rather than as something to be torn up and made 
part of oneself - became part of the evolutionary pattern 
that selected living entities for survival. 

The attempts of various species to work out the best 
pattern for sexual relations provide numerous models that 
we can see, think about, and use as examples to consider 
when making conscious choices regarding what might be 
best for ourselves. 

Some worms have male and female parts all lined up in 
one living entity. Some shell fish change sex from male to 
female and back again depending on what mates are avail- 
able. Among some fish the male is so much smaller than the 
female that it is difficult to recognize that they are the 
same species. Among some insects the female, after the 
male gives her the parts of himself to make a new entity, 
goes back to the more primitive stage of evolution and eats 
the male. 

Among most animals that are enough like humans for us 
to feel companionable with them, the male is usually bigger 
than the female because he fights off intruders while the 
female takes care of the young. Also he fights other males 
who want to mate with the same female that he does. The 
innate sexual difference in behavior among dogs and horses 
is often conspicuous enough to be impressive. We see it as 
a sexual division that affects evolution by balancing (1) 
creation by selective destruction with (2) creation by cher- 
ishing and preserving. This sexual division forms complimen- 
tary, perception-stimulating perspectives - balanced by 
being divided between two individuals - that can be effect- 
ively used by conscious creative humans. We, therefore, 
view it in ourselves as a desirable trait that we want to 

A method of dealing with sex that can be seen as a 
serious warning when considering possible human choices is 
what the so-called n social M insects - the ants, termites, and 
some species of bees - did to their sexual beings. They 
would be more accurately called the "regressive" insects. 
After they had become sexual entities they turned their 
own evolutionary development backward. They returned to 
the state of evolution that existed before sexual perception 
became a factor of evolutionary selection. The individuals 
that were once sexual beings lost their sex and took on the 


function of specialized cells in the overall new entity they 
developed - the ant or termite hill or the bee hive. 

This example is important to us because humans are 
now doing the same thing. Humans are specializing and des- 
troying their inborn sexual behavior. They are forming 
group-entities made up of living components who are no 
longer allowed to behave as separate individuals. 

Most animals have a much sharper sense of smell than 
humans. Odors are as important to them as words are to 
humans. To them, sex odors are extremely strong, and ex- 
tremely persuasive. Most animals use sex odors to find 
mates and then make perceptive selection among the mates 
they find. 

The "social" insects misused sex odors to turn their 
evolutionary development backwards and create new group- 
entities that were asexual. They rejected the discriminating 
sexual perception bred into individuals and went back to 
where all living things were six hundred million years ago. 

Humans are now using words to do the same thing that 
these regressive insects did with sex odors. We, who do not 
like that direction, want to look at how words can be used 
to communicate and how they have been, and are being, 
misused to manipulate masses and create group-entities that 
function as asexual organisms. 



As soon as humans began to use words, parents could 
tell their children about things the children hadn't seen, 
and tell the children what foods were good to eat, where 
to get them, how to build fires, how to cook, how to build 
houses to keep out the rain and snow. As long as words 
were used as pointers to reality, they did not stop the 
children from thinking for themselves. Words stimulated 

The problem that humans have created for themselves 
results from the way words are used in combination with 
force. Words alone are not the problem. And force alone is 
not the problem. 

The ability of a living thing to use the force of its 
body is what lets us know that it a living thing. The use of 
this force to oppose other living things is part of the 
process of evolution. 

If we wanted to break up the combination that causes 
the problem we should choose to do away with the use of 
words rather than the use of force. Words are a very re- 
cent experiment as compared to three billion years that 
force has been used. We must recognize that force is here 
to stay. 

All animals use force to get others to do or not do 
what they want or don't want. The use of force is the way 
the mother horse or mother dog gets the young horse or 
young dog to do or not do what the mother wants or 
doesn't want. The use of force is the way human parents 
get children to do or not do what they want or don't want 
before the children have learned about words. Force is 
what adult animals, including adult humans, use in their re- 
lations to other adults who oppose what they want to do. 

Among non-human adult animals, and among human 
adults, opposing wills often lead to fights and one of two 
contestants gets killed. When the process of evolution is 


operating in its natural way, and when the fight goes to 
the death of one contestant, the process breeds out the 
weak and stupid. It breeds out the weak in favor of the 
strong. It breeds out the stupid who lack the perception to 
know that they should run, make friends, or otherwise avoid 
getting into the fight in the first place. 

Forcing one's will upon another does not go against the 
process of evolution. Also, using words to convince another 
to do what one wants done does not go against the process 
of evolution. 

However, humans have misused a combination of force 
and words to oppose natural evolution. 



We use the word "culture" to mean the selection of liv- 
ing things that is done by humans, instead of by the process 
of natural evolution. Corn culture is planting seeds of corn, 
making conditions favorable for their growth, and killing 
off other living things that interfere with that growth. Cul- 
ture is the use of human will and force to select what will 
live and what will die. Culture can go the same direction 
as natural evolution or oppose it. 

Human culture of humans is a process that uses words 
and force in a combination that selects the kind of humans 
who will survive and become part of the stream of evolu- 
tion. It may select in a way that merely speeds up natural 
evolution or it may select in a way that goes opposite to 
the long-range direction indicated by evolution. 

Natural evolution, which can be traced from the first 
living cell to humans, makes for the awesome variety of 
living things that oppose each other in the struggle for sur- 
vival. The process that selects for survival goes in an ob- 
servable direction. The creative interaction between indivi- 
dual wills, and between the will, or force, that overrides 
all individual wills, is the overall selective process to which 
we all owe our very existence. If we perceive and respect 
our existence within the universe of reality, we cannot fail 
to perceive and respect the efficacy of the evolutionary 
process. Respect for its demonstrated efficacy stimulates 
awe for that not-clearly-perceived something that results in 
the observable long range direction of evolution. 

However, at the present time the entire world is domi- 
nated by two ^cultures that both oppose natural evolution. 
Both would ultimately take the human species back to 
where all living things were six hundred million years ago. 
There is immediate danger that they will take us past the 
point of no return. Avoiding this danger calls for an exam- 
ination of how words and force have been, and are being, 
combined to override innate perception. 


The words used by these two cultures may be based on 
a sincere conviction that humans should oppose the process 
of evolution and should try to achieve "victory over 
nature." Or they may be based on simple selfishness that is 
not concerned with the overall reality. Or they may be the 
deliberate lies of those seeking to manipulate others be- 
cause the feeling of "power over others" satisfies some 
psychotic impulse. 

The force used by these two cultures may involve bare 
hands, beating sticks, swords, guns, atomic bombs, confine- 
ment in jails, torture, or anything else. 

These cultures, created by the combination of force 
and words and opposing the long-range direction set by 
Nature, are what concern us. 

Both of these cultures were fully active at the time 
the first story of humans was set down in words. We are 
going to look at both of them. 

Also, we are going to look at another culture - one 
that went in the same direction as natural evolution. This 
other culture was caught in a squeeze between the two 
that go against evolution. It is now no longer actively func- 
tioning. Unless it can be re-established, the human species 
will doubtless either create permanent, "successful" group- 
entities and, like the "social" insects, go all the way back 
to the eat or be eaten condition that existed before sex - 
or destroy itself. 

Both of the dominating cultures are essentially the 
same in that they oppose Nature. But, because their pat- 
terns of combining force and words are slightly different, 
we will look at them separately. Because we are looking 
mostly at their words as tools of manipulation, we can only 
talk about human cultures of humans when we know about 
their words. At the time we have the first knowledge of 
them in words, one of these Nature-opposing cultures domi- 
nated the Orient, and still does. The other dominated the 
Mediterranean area and now dominates the whole Western 




A human culture of humans is based on some combina- 
tion of force and words. In the Orient force was used to 
back up the word-expressed idea that, even when a human 
became an adult, he should let another think and make de- 
cisions for him. Of course, that was not presented as a fun- 
damental idea and adopted because it appealed to native 
perception. The combination of force and words was built 
up gradually. It began by keeping the family together until 
the grandparents told the young parents and the children of 
the young parents what to do. It was not force but a word- 
imposed concept of "obligation 11 that fashioned the initial 
word-implement used in the culture. 

As families grew to hundreds, to thousands, there was 
less individual perception of individuals. The "obligatory 11 
behavior patterns for children, for young adults, for young 
parents, and for the older decision makers became formaliz- 
ed. The move toward a culture began when parents chose 
mates for their children on the basis of conformity to form- 
alized behavior. Those whose perception was strong enough 
to make them intractable to the practice had no children 
and were bred out of the species. 

Individual perception of total reality was crowded out 
by the pressure on each newborn child to learn the speci- 
fically human social behavior that was accepted by all 
around. Then, as the child grew, perception of total reality 
was further crowded out by pressure to become proficient 
in conformity to what was accepted specifically by "social 11 
humans. Individual humans did not relate to total reality 
directly. They related to total reality only as it affected 
their human group as a whole. 

Also they did not relate to other individual humans di- 
rectly. They related to other individual humans as seen 
through a "social" behavior pattern that had been made to 
appear more important than innate perception. 


Perception bred by sexual being, and the resultant 
overall increase in perception when viewing ones relation 
to total reality and to other individuals, was being bred out 
by pressure for social conformity. 

As families grew into great groups, group fought group 
for living room. Survival became a simple matter of being 
in the biggest group or the one with the best fighters. 

The premise of the Oriental culture that ultimately 
overruled perception was that group power is a condition of 
human existence. It was followed by the corollary that in- 
telligent people will accept that condition as an immutable 
fact and concentrate on how best to improve the prescribed 
behavior and defend the group one is in against other 

The word-expressed idea that was combined with force 
to form the human culture of humans in the Orient was 
very simple. It was nothing but this: "Everyone must recog- 
nize that an individual cannot fight a big group and there- 
fore must accept someone as controlling the group he hap- 
pens to be in, making his significant decisions for him, and 
telling him what to do." The non-conformists were bred out 
either by killing them for "anti-social" behavior or by not 
allowing them to have children. 

The people talked about and respected the memory of 
their ancestors and invented some of the imaginary beings 
that are called gods, which they often thought were real. 
However the ancestor worship, and the rituals involving the 
idea of gods, were no more than decorations added to their 

The Oriental culture of humans, that opposed natural 
evolution, was based on simple recognition that a group is 
more powerful than an individual. 

That simple fact, which could not be disputed, was 
made into a force-backed social pressure that prevented 
socially acceptable discussion that might examine related 
facts. Anyone who might ask, "Why create group power in 
the first place?" would be shunned as stupid. 

Such force-backed social pressure left one who did not 
like the group he was in no option but to create a bigger 
and more powerful group. And creating a bigger and more 


powerful group required appealing to the practice of group- 
entities dominating individuals, which already was the only 
idea widely accepted. Full acceptance of the idea therefore 
had to be the basis for any new group formation. 

At the time of our first word histories of the Orient, 

human culture of humans had already crowded out natural 

evolution - and turned the direction set by natural 
evolution backward. 


The human culture of humans that first became domi- 
nant in the Mediterranean area, and now dominates the 
whole Western World, selectively breeds for group-entities 
in the same way as that in the Orient. But the words used 
in combination with group force are more complicated. The 
big group, that is too formidable for an individual to fight, 
does not come about simply because the children stay to- 
gether and continue to let the words of the parents 
overrule their own thoughts after they are adults. 

When we look at the first record of the Western people 
in words, they had already invented imaginary beings that 
they called gods. These imaginary gods, unlike the gods of 
the Orient, were a very important part of the culture that 
went against the process of evolution. Each group had its 
own god, the god was said to give orders to special individ- 
uals who then told the others what to do. When a 
god-spokesman had a sufficient number of followers to 
overpower dissenters, the manipulated followers killed those 
in the group who would not obey the god-spokesman. 

The emphasis was not simply on demanding that every- 
one comform to the will of the group's manipulators. The 
emphasis was on the demand that words - which were sup- 
posed to have come from a god - replace thought. The god 
was said to be someone whose words had to be obeyed 
without understanding. 

When we look at the first record of Western group- 
entity formation, there were already many different group- 
entities and numerous gods. The groups fought each other. 
The people in a group that was overpowered were forced to 
throw out their old god and accept the words supposed to 
have come from another god. 


None of these gods even remotely resembled what 
might be deduced about the aboriginal creative conscious- 
ness by observing reality. These were all man-invented 
gods, all different but all diametrically opposed to the di- 
rection manifest by the aboriginal creative consciousness. 

The god-oriented culture of mass manipulation that 
came to dominate the West, unlike the similar Oriental cul- 
ture that began by adults continuing to obey their parents 
and grandparents, conditioned people to obey a source for 
"authoritative" words that was intangible, a source that 
could not be clearly identified and confronted. 

This conditioning to accept a purported source of will 
that cannot be confronted has continued. It is the special 
form of brainwashing now most commonly used by manipula- 
tors in the West. Western manipulators, who capitalize on 
this extant brainwashing, have inserted a new intangible 
and unidentifiable source called "the consensus of the best 
scientific opinion 11 to override individual perception. They 
are trying to use it as a replacement for the gods that 
were originally accepted as speaking "authoritative" words. 

Like the "authority" purportedly coming from gods, 
what the current manipulators have chosen as "the consen- 
sus of the best scientific opinion" becomes part of the 
characteristic Western culture of mass manipulation. Like 
the "god authority," this abitrarily chosen "scientific 
authority" cannot be clearly identified and confronted. And, 
like the "god authority," it opposes Nature, and what might 
be learned about the aboriginal creative consciousness by 
observing the direction the evolution of living things has 

The newly invented "god," the "consensus of the best 
scientific opinion," which is the extremely unscientific 
opinion that the manipulators select to support their will, 
claims: (1) That mutations are accidents, (2) that sex is 
merely another accidentally developed method of reproduct- 
ion, (3) that living things, themselves, are merely an acci- 
dental development of brainless matter, and U) that there 
is no such thing as an aboriginal creative consciousnes as 
the progenitor of human creative consciousness. 

After presenting such untenable statements as "scien- 
tific facts," the manipulators claim that "the consensus of 
the best scientific opinion" should replace the old gods as 


the new source of "authoritative" words. We will discuss 
the spokesmen for this newly invented "god" later. 

Even before this new ambiguity was injected into the 
field of man-invented gods, it all became so confusing that 
the word "government" for the humans "authorized" to give 
orders in the group-entity was often used instead of talking 
about which god was the source of the force-backed 

We might describe a government as the formal imple- 
ment of a people's culture. But we think that any fruitful 
analysis of the human problem will require us to keep our 
focus on the cultures, themselves. 

The significant thing about the separate cultures that 
arose in Orient and the Western World is this: Although the 
words and ideas are different, the evolution-opposing se- 
lective effect of both is the same. Both promote the idea 
that it is impossible for an individual to live outside a 
group controlled by mass manipulators. All the governments 
that implement these two cultures use group force to back 
the idea that everybody must become part of some group, 
must accept some source of "authority" as controlling the 
group, doing the thinking for every individual, and telling 
everyone what to do. 


The selective breeding that results from both of these 
two human cultures of humans goes in same regressive 
direction long ago taken by the "social" insects. 

These two human cultures of humans have now crowded 
out all effective opposition to the direction they are going. 

More than that, they have tried to wipe out the record 
that there ever was any effective cultural opposition to 
their direction. 

Because they now dominate the entire world, they have 
almost reached their goal of wiping out, or twisting into 
unrecognizable form, the knowledge that such opposition 
once successfully existed. 

They have already competely erased the record of the 
opposing culture from all history books provided for com- 


pulsory "education/ 1 

If they can wipe out the memory completely, they may 
be able to force on everyone the brainwashing which claims 
that there is no alternative to mass manipulation. Then the 
human species will have passed the point of no return. 

But as of now we still have a record of such opposition 
and we know how it was made ineffective. The only hope 
that the human species will not go the way of the regres- 
sive insects requires reviving the culture that goes the 
same direction as natural evolution. So we need to think 
about such a culture and look at the one known example. 



The early people of Western Asia and Northern Europe 
provide the one historically known example of a human cul- 
ture of humans selecting in the same direction as natural 
evolution. Apparently aware of what was happening on both 
sides of them, they had consciously created a culture of 
their own in opposition to what others were doing. It was 

In an attempt to distract attention from this unique 
culture, the mass manipulators lump the people who had 
developed it into the same category with the primitives of 
their own cultures and categorize them all by the deroga- 
tory term n barbarians. M 

The mass manipulators do not want it recognized that 
their own human culture of humans produces the problem 
facing the human species. They try to avoid discussing hu- 
man culture of humans and the conflict between cultures. 
They refer to the destruction of the individual sovereignty 
culture of Northern Europe as "civilizing the barbarians. 11 

In Europe, the Catholic Church pushed that interpreta- 
tion of "civilizing the barbarians" to account for its several 
hundred years of torture, inquisitions, and public executions 
of all individuals who opposed mass manipulation. The mass 
manipulators who now control television and movies in the 
United States, and for fifty years have dominated the 
school system, have pushed that viewpoint to such an ex- 
tent that some points in support of what will follow need 
to be offered for the reader's consideration. 

Some of the earliest examples of fine workmanship are 
the artifacts found in Europe. This, coupled with the North- 
ern European mythology that those of noble character have 
disdain for the kind of "wealth" that gives status in "civili- 
zations," indicates that the people knew as much as others 
about manufacturing, but had come to place a higher value 
on things of the natural world. 


The remains of some of the earliest mines for extract- 
ing minerals are found in Europe, These give evidence that 
the kind of "civilization 11 that requires either slaves, or the 
mass manipulation of menial laborers, had been tried and 
then abandoned. It did not exist in Northern Europe at the 
time of the first word records. 

The extant early word records on which we must de- 
pend are those of Julius Caesar, written in the first centu- 
ry B. C, and Tacitus, written in the first century A, D. 
The mass manipulators try to discredit the praise Tacitus 
gave to the people of Germania for having a better way of 
life than the people of the Roman Empire, They try to im- 
ply that he might have had the bias of a Utopian reformer. 
But certainly Caesar, who was describing an enemy he was 
trying to conquer, cannot be accused of falsifying in the 
enemy's favor. The accounts of both Tacitus and Caesar 
support what we are about to describe. 

Also, the remembered desire for "individualism," that 
was still strong among the descendants of the Northern 
Europeans who formed the United States, bears evidence of 
a long existing culture other than mass manipulation. After 
a thousand years under the Catholic Church's intense pres- 
sure on the people to abandon their traditional values as 
"evil," the people who formed the United States set forth a 
Declaration of Independence and a Constitution in support 
of individual sovereignty. Even the practice of one-to-one 
dueling remained legal in many states until the Civil War 
and was still practiced after that by rough and ready cow- 
boys in territories that had not become states. 

If, even after considering these points, some readers 
still adhere to the "barbarian" brand, which the mass ma- 
nipulators place on the Northern Europeans who rejected 
manipulation, they are invited to consider the following as 
the kind of culture which a people intelligent enough to 
oppose mass manipulation might have invented. We leave it 
to them to explain how the historically known practices - 
which effectively opposed mass manipulation and actually 
accelerated selection in Nature's direction - might have 
come into being if not as a culture. 

To keep anyone from organizing a group that could be 
manipulated to kill individuals, the Northern Europeans 


adopted a practice of socially approved one-to-one mortal 
combat. Any person could ask for one-to-one combat with 
any other person, including a manipulator who tried to form 
a group to ostracise or kill dissenting individuals. If the 
would-be manipulator refused to fight on a one-to-one 
basis, everyone thought of him as a person without honor. 
No one would then become part of his group and - this is a 
highly important cultural factor - no woman would want 
him as the father of her children. 

By full social approval of one-to-one combat this cul- 
ture dealt death in the same selective direction as natural 
evolution. The one-to-one fights killed off those who want- 
ed a group that - as a group - could be manipulated to 
overpower and kill off the perceptive individuals who 
insisted on doing their own thinking. 

This bred out cowardly, underhanded, would-be manipu- 
lators, and restored the functioning of natural evolution. 
Without a group that preserved and selectively bred for 
manipulated zombis, the stupid, who could not survive with- 
out someone doing their thinking for them, did not survive. 

This culture in Western Asia and Northern Europe also 
made a point of reversing the group restraint that was 
practiced in the group-entity cultures regarding a woman's 
selection of a man for the father of her children. 

The group-entity cultures killed women who had sexual 
relations with any man without group approval. The North- 
ern European culture gave full social approval to a woman's 
freedom to choose her mate. The people all rejected the 
idea that any group be allowed to arrogate to itself the 
power to sanction, or interfere with, a woman's choice of a 
mate for sexual relations. 

There was another important cultural difference 
affecting a woman's perceptive selection of the father for 
her children. 

Because group-entities were built on "positions" with 
varying degrees of prestige, those women who got permis- 
sion from the group to have sexual relations chose men on 
the basis of their "position" instead of innate qualities. 

In the Northern European culture a woman had full 
freedom of mate-choice, and her perception was not 


clouded by the "position" a man occupied. There were no 
"positions," so assessing the innate man was easier. Thus 
every woman's group-protected-free-will-in-selecting-her 
mate was a factor of the culture that, like one-to-one 
combat, went in the same direcion as natural evolution. 

These factors of the culture bred for individuals of 
integrity and sexual perception - as Nature had done before 
there was any human culture of humans that needed to be 



We call the two cultures that breed to develop group- 
entities the cultures of mass manipulation. We call the one 
opposing culture the culture of individual sovereignty. 

Obviously the cultures that selectively breed in oppo- 
site directions cannot be mixed so as to get the "best of 
each." One will necessarily destroy the other. Any attempt 
at mixing them can only result in a confusing hodgepodge 
of ideas that will keep anyone from thinking clearly. A 
human culture of humans either selectively breeds in the 
three billion year old direction set by Nature or turns 
around and goes backward. When the cultural direction is 
reversed, there may be a static moment, but - like natural 
evolution - the functioning culture always selectively 
breeds in a direction that is observable in the universe of 

Opposing cultures cannot be mixed. But the people bred 
by the opposing cultures can be mixed. The words and the 
ideas expressed by the words can be mixed. This confuses 
clear thought. When the thoughts are confused, people who 
think for themselves are slow to organize for action. They 
need time to isolate the problem and to discuss what course 
of action will best solve it. The mass manipulators, who 
have bred zombis that act on directions given them in 
words, take advantage of this and quickly get zombi-action 
moving in the direction that promotes their culture. They 
manipulate their masses to overpower open discussion. Thus 
the culture of individual sovereignty is the one most en- 
dangered by mixing people from the opposing cultures. 

The individual sovereignty culture that once effectively 
opposed the zombi-makers has now been rendered ineffec- 
tive. The mass manipulators are trying to ensure that the 
very possibility of an alternative to mass manipulation will 
be forgotten. They talk of culture, itself, as "civilization's 
refinements," and thereby deflect attention from any 
thought that human culture of humans is the major, and 
possibly the only, problem of the human species. 


This work focuses on the conflict of opposing cultures. 
Without challenging the accuracy of accepted history, we 
will look at the well known facts that are usually called 
"the rise of Western Civilization." If these facts are viewed 
without the predilection "the human species has created a 
great civilization" - if the same facts are examined with 
the realization that "the human species faces a great prob- 
lem" - the authors of this work believe that the facts se- 
lected for attention outline the problem with a clarity that 
will encourage consideration of solutions. 

The human species has enormous momentum in the di- 
rection it is now going, and cannot immediately turn and go 
in the reverse direction. But possibly it could be stopped 
before it reaches the point of no return. 

Cultures are not natural happenings. Cultures are 
implemented by human will. 

The first step is to discover the source of the will that 
sets the Nature-opposing direction - and tries to accelerate 
the Nature-opposing movement. 



All extant primitive peoples give evidence that, for 
countless millenniums, manipulated groups have been used 
to kill off individuals who would not accept direction from 
the groups* manipulators. At the beginning of the first re- 
corded history of the Western World, some of the Western 
groups* manipulators had bred up groups that could be ma- 
nipulated merely by the manipulators* claims in words that 
they were endowed with some special * 'authority.* * Manipu- 
lated group force had already done its work in cultural 

It is often said that the best way to steer and motivate 
a jackass is to dangle a carrot before him and hit him from 
behind with a stick. 

In the West, there was a spectacular increase in the 
size of the manipulated groups when mass produced "car- 
rots** were used to supplement the long used "stick" of ma- 
nipulated group force. 

This increase in the size of manipulated groups helped 
Ihe culture of mass manipulation to gain dominance over 
the culture of individual sovereignty. 

The current mass manipulators claim that this new use 
of "carrots" constituted "the beginning of the good life re- 
sulting from civilization." Under the word "civilization" 
they try to lump together things that are not related and 
thereby cloud perception of what constitutes a "good life." 
We need to separate unrelated things that have been 
lumped together. 

Mass production of useful things by slaves or by brain- 
washed zombis and the culture of mass manipulation are 
essentially related. But overall improvement in the quality 
of human life is not so related. On the contrary, desirable 
social relations - mutual love based on perception, and 
solidly enduring human companionship - are destroyed by 
the mass manipulation that results in mass production. 


When looking at the historical facts, we need to view 
products that can be made in impressive size or spectacular 
profusion, and can be used to promote dense populations, as 
weapons for mass manipulation. That is the way they have 
always been used or misused. 

The distinction between the desirable products created 
by human ingenuity and the misuse of those products for 
mass manipulation needs to be crystal clear. 

The verbal record of human history that has been 
twisted by mass manipulators is - at this time - still clear 
enough that we can, if we choose to do so, look at the 
known facts. 


The significant events of the extant Western culture 
that have been recorded in words begin at the east end of 
the Mediterranean Sea, in the valley of the Tigris and 
Euphrates rivers, with a people called the Sumerians. We 
know very little about these people or the culture that 
bred them. 

It appears that great numbers of the Sumerians had 
been bred by the culture of mass manipulation that bases 
"authority" on the purported words of some imaginary god. 

The people built canals and used the river water for 
farming. This productive effort might have started as indi- 
vidual initiative and been imitated by others who saw its 
value, but the final, big-scale development was clearly de- 
pendent on the "god-given authority" that has characterized 
mass manipulation in the Western World. 

The area of these two rivers is now a barren plain that 
is a swamp at some seasons of the year. What endured were 
new instruments of mass manipulation. 

One was the idea that the culture of mass manipulation 
could be promoted - more effectively than ever before - by 
mass producing food to support dense populations. Combined 
with this was the new idea of money and taxation. This 
idea we will reserve for fuller examination later on. 

Another new instrument of manipulation was the idea 
that people could be impressed - more effectively than ever 


before - by awesome tangible evidence that the group is 
more powerful than the individual. 

The people of Sumer, on penalty of death, had to ac- 
cept the word-stated idea that the manipulators, who made 
all important decisions for them, were especially chosen by 
some god for that "position," The people were required to 
show their acceptance of that idea by building an enormous 
structure requiring a staggering amount of labor. This was 
a man-made mountain, terrace after terrace reaching from 
earth to sky, each smaller than the one below until, finally, 
it was topped by a temple some 200 by 100 feet. 

The physical impressiveness of the structure was com- 
bined with the idea that here the manipulators came to 
have their conferences with the god from whom they pur- 
portedly received their "authority," 

Two thousand years or so later the Hebrews would re- 
cord the story of this structure, call it the Tower of Babel, 
and claim that it ended by breaking the people apart be- 
cause the Hebrew god made its builders all speak different 
languages. The contrary result seems to be the valid one. 
With varying architectural modifications, such as those now 
found in the cathedrals of Europe, impressive structures 
have been built in great profusion and used as places for 
cementing people together by providing them all with the 
same verbal cliches. The one in Sumer was the prototype of 
all impressive products of mass human labor that serve to 
weld people into a group-entity of which all individuals 
parrot the same words - and obey some "authority" that 
does their thinking for them. 

This work merely organizes well known information in a 
way that shows the continuity of cultural directions. The 
historical events are so widely known that we will not 
usually clutter up the story's continuity with references. 
But because we will be considering the influence of the 
Hebrew and Christian Bibles, we may want to make an oc- 
casional reference to these widely distributed publications. 



In Egypt the whole Sumerian system was substantially 
duplicated with conspicuous success. A great devastating 
flood comes down to us as a tradition from the early days 
of Sumer. Egypt was free of floods. That advantage was 
the main difference. The Nile river was used for a group 
project of building canals that made possible mass produced 
food to support a dense population. The pyramids, the 
Sphinx, and the remains of other structures still stand and 
impress us with the enormous amount of human labor that 
went into creating this awesome evidence that the group is 
more powerful than an individual. Herodotus, a Greek 
historian who lived about 2500 years ago, reported that just 
one of these structures, the Great Pyramid, required the 
labor of 100,000 men for twenty years. 

The Egyptian manipulators went still further than the 
Sumerian manipulators in making up fanciful stories as a 
basis for the idea that the manipulators had special powers 
to do the people's thinking for them. In Sumer the manipu- 
lators merely claimed to be priviledged persons who had 
conferences with a god. In Egypt it was claimed that the 
Pharaoh had the privilege of thinking for all the people and 
telling everybody what to do, because he, himself, was a 
god. His assistants, who had the job of thinking up impres- 
sive stories, admitted that he had a human mother but 
claimed that he was the son of the sun-god the Egyptians 
called Ra. 

The Sumerian and Egyptian mass manipulators were not 
the first to claim that they got their "authority" to tell 
others what to do from some imaginary god. This was a 
common practice in all the primitive group-entities of the 
Western World. We are here giving attention to the manipu- 
lators in Sumer and Egypt because they added two new 
weapons to supplement those already used by mass manipu- 

(1) By organizing mass effort for canal building and 
grain storage, they added "carrots" to the "stick" on which 
primitive manipulators had relied most heavily. 

(2) They had the manipulated people build great stuc- 
tures to awe dissenting individuals with the power of a 
manipulated group. 


The massive structures not only impressed the manipu- 
lated people, they also impressed the individual sovereignty 
people with the increasing power of the manipulators over 
their word-controlled masses. 

Perhaps even more impressive to the individual sover- 
eignty people was the increased density of population that 
resulted from mass produced "carrots. 11 Such dense popula- 
tions of masses, who let words overrule their perception of 
reality, could only be seen as a threat to themselves - as 
people who perceived all Nature as the language of the 
aboriginal creative consciousness, and, therefore, placed 
high value on a direct relationship between each individual 
and the natural world. 




There are seemingly endless records of wars between 
the various groups of mass manipulated people with their 
different gods and different governments. The recorded 
details are so many that one could spend a whole lifetime 
trying to find some significance in them - and then 
recognize that the time had been wasted. It makes little 
difference which wins or loses. They are all headed in the 
way of the regressive insects. 

If we don't want to go that way, the only worthwhile 
information in the word records of humans is the story of 
conflict between the culture of individual sovereignty and 
the culture of mass manipulation. This can show how the 
culture that opposes evolution's long range direction man- 
aged to become dominant. This knowledge will help us when 
we think about what can now be done to re-establish a cul- 
ture that goes in the three billion year old direction of 
Nature. In this look at the conflict between the peoples of 
the opposing cultures, our purpose is to discover what it 
tells us about the current human problem. 

When individual sovereignty people are fighting mass 
manipulated people, they appear to be no different. They 
must engage in mass warfare and this requires organized 
armies. When segregated, when they can avoid any relation- 
ship to mass manipulated people, they create no group-enti- 
tes. Their culture, that gives full social approval to one-to- 
one combat, prevents manipulated entities from being 

As we have noted, there is at present no effectively 
functioning culture of individual sovereignty. But we want 
to look at the way it was destroyed so that we can think 
about how to restore it. We want it primarily because it 
will give us a better life - allow us, as individuals, to think 
for ourselves and relate directly to the total universe as 
individuated units of the aboriginal creative consciousness. 
But also we want it because, if it could be made world- 
wide, it would eliminate mass warfare. 


In addition to armies of manipulated zombis, mass ma- 
nipulators use words - not to communicate - but as weapons 
of warfare. Without discussing cultures - as cul tyires - they 
use words to stimulate hatred against the people of th e 
individual sovereignty cu lture. When they tell anything 
about the individua l-sovereignty people, they put emphasis 
ont he well-known"aB ihiy ofthentndividual s overeignty peo ^~ 
plefas fight ersT^Theln^ri ndiiipul a^^ infer that it 

is the individual so vereignty people who cause wars. 

It is easy to understand why the individual sovereignty 
people were better fighters than the manipulated masses. 
Their culture bred for individual courage. Rut more impor- 
tant, it bred for honesty in their""ciealing5 with each other. 
and for love of their comrades. Whent hey fought Jisjirmies_ 
agains t^ mass manipulated armies, they were^awa re_tjiat ^ 
T Revwere fightin g enemies promoting a culturej that was 
designed to d estro y what they valued more than life itself - 
their jntegri t y as individuals. So every individual voluntarily 
gave his allegiance to his commander for a fight to the 
death if necessary. When this kind of people opposed what 
were effectively slave-armies of the mass manipulators, one 
would logically assume them to be the better fighters - 
even if six thousand years of history did not demonstrate 
the fact. 

When the picture is the spectacular one of armies 
fighting armies, the underlying - but all important - con- 
flict of cultures can easily be ignored by those who want 
to ignore it. In this work the intention is to trace what 
others have sought to ignore. To do this, we need to identi- 
fy the individual sovereignty people. 

In records that depend on words, people can often be 
indentified only by their language. The language called 
Indo-European was the one that generally identified the 
individual sovereignty people when they first moved into 
the Mediterranean area and came into conflict with the 
mass manipulated people. The people speaking _the_ ^ame^ 
language also moved into India. In the most ancienFSaiiskrit 
^writings Uh e_Ved a) they call the mselves Aryans -^ meaning 
excelien l^ Qr honorable^ In the Mediterranean area they 
called themselves Aryans and gave this name to the area 
they occupied, Iran (Airyana). In the Hebrew Bible they are 
called Hittites. " " 

At the time of the first recorded conflict between the 


cultures, the Tigris-Euphrates culture had become well de- 
fined and well established. Babylon, its center, had become 
an impressively great city. The form of the group-entity 
was becoming very clear. A king of Babylonia, Hammurabi, 
had the "laws," the general orders telling the people what 
to do and what would happen to them if they did not obey, 
engraved on a slab of stone about seven feet tall. On the 
same stone was a picture of the king standing before the 
sun-god, whom he called Shamash, to receive the laws. 
These laws in words were very specific. Hammurabi an- 
nounced in the preamble that god sent "me, Hammurabi, the 
obedient, god-fearing prince, to make manifest justice in 
the land, to destroy the wicked and the evildoers, that the 
strong harm not the weak." 

The words of those laws distorted the fact that the 
manipulated mass was being used to destroy all individuals 
who insisted on thinking for themselves. Those words - 
"destroying the wicked and evildoers, that the strong harm 
not the weak" - set the pattern for distorting facts that 
has dominated the culture of mass manipulation in the Wes- 
tern World to this day. 

The manipulated masses are forced to think and speak 
in such confused language that, if one tries to talk to 
them, individuals within the group cannot be reached as 
individuals speaking a language based on perception of real- 
ity. There are no individuals who function as individuals. 
All have become mere parts of the group-entity. Anyone 
within the grou p whq_oppQ§es the confused, perceptiop- dis-^ 
torting language~~is caUedan eviHoer"to^Be destroyed. All 
outside the group who oppose manipula ted masses, as such, 
are called the wicked and the evildoers. 

The group-entity thus forces everyone outside the 
group to deal - not with its component individual parts - 
but with the whole entity. This gives individual sovereignty 
people no choice but to band themselves into a fighting 
force as the only means of effectively opposing the cultur g 

And even then, words are likely to play into the hands 
of the group-entity people when individual sovereignty peo- 
ple attempt communication in the confused language of 
mass manipulation. The Hittites, Aryans, or whatever we 
call the individual sovereignty people who had established 
themselves to the north of Babylon, tried using the inacu- 
rate language. They said, 'If they represent the god of the 


sun, we should show them what a god of thunder can do. M 
V/ithout realizing that words were weapons, not instruments 
of communication, among the mass manipulated people, they 
used such words about gods very casually. 

However, they looked to no word-speaking gods to tell 
them what to do. They thought for themselves and made 
their own decisions. When they fought, it was not with 
words used to override clear thought and manipulate peo- 
ple. They used weapons that everyone recognized as wea- 
pons. They moved in on Babylon and j destroved it so com- 
pletely that it was totally ineffective^for the next hundred^ 

As fighters, they were the best in the area. They 
brought with them the horse. Faced with the problem of 
fighting group-entities they developed the cavalry and the 
light wheeled chariots. An organized army was, of course, 
necessary when they had to fight a group-entity, and, in 
meeting that necessity, their organization was good. Admin- 
istration of a group-entity presented no problem for them. 
But their culture had always been individual sovereignty. 
Forming group-entities was not their way of life. 

After destroying a group-entity and facing the spec- 
tacle of chaos and confusion among the people who were 
left without anyone to do their thinking for them, the indi- 
vidual sovereignty people again played into the hands of 
the mass manipulators by using their language. When they 
had destroyed the manipulators of the people, an unsought 
power incidentally fell into their hands: The conquered peo- 
ple thought of their conquerors as kings to be obeyed with- 
out question. So the individual sovereignty people began 
taking on ruling roles and titles that the conquered people 

They recognized the danger _of doing t his, so the j cings 
s et up councils t o wEom they v ol untar ily gave power to 
exec ute themselves if they got carried away from their cul- 
tural Heritage by the po wer that incidentally fell into th eir 
Trand^ Also, following their tradition of formal one-to-one" 
combat, they began the practice of making formal declara- 
tions of war. Additionally, a king, instead of using his 
"position" to command obedience, often told a subordinate 
what he did not like about his administration and, if there 
was no agreement, the king, himself, would propose that 
they let a fight make the decision. 


But there is no way to amalgamate diametrically op- 
posing cultures. In an area dominated by group-entities, 
individuals have no chance of practicing their own culture. 
And there can be no compromise between cultures. 

The individual sovereignty people did not lose the fight 
in the Mediterranean area because they were M a bunch of 
barbarians opposing the rise of civilzation." They did not 
fail to establish a group-entity superior to the others be- 
cause they lacked the ability. They did not do so because 
group-entities were not compatible with their culture of 
individual sovereignty. I t_ was the culture, not the niceties 
of "civilization," that the fight was aboutl And we who 
want to restore the culture of individual sovereignty can 
only continue to look at what happened with the hope of 
avoiding past mistakes. 

After destroying Babylon, these people that the Bible 
calls Hittites gradually became intermixed with the group- 
entity people and their culture was never effectively estab- 
lished. The widow of an Egyptian Pharaoh, almost certainly 
Tutankhamen, impressed by the quality of these people, 
married a son of one of their kings. Respect for the 
Hittites was obviously marked in Egypt, because later a 
Pharaoh married a Hittite princess. 

However Egypt was also a product of the mass manipu- 
lation culture and the individual sovereignty people wanted 
no part of the culture as such. About three thousand years 
ago the Hittites fought the Egyptians to a standstill and a 
major treaty was made between Ramses of Egypt and 
Hattusilis 111 that lasted for seventy years. 

Wave after wave of the individual sovereignty people 
continued to enter the Mediterranean area through the 
Iranian plateau. And wave after wave of them was mixed 
with the group-entity people. Still they kept coming - and 
still they tried to use words to reason with people who had 

become zombis Zombis, the living dead, is the only "7 

fitting description for people who have been brainwashed to / 
the point where they can be fully controlled by mere words / 
that come from outside themselves. /■ — ' 

Over a thousand years after Hammurabi recorded words 
that he said came from god, the individual sovereignty peo- 
ple were still trying to use the the twisted words of the 
manipulated masses to point out to them the "wrong" done 


by their "holy" words. Darius, the leader of a new wave of 
people who thought for themselves, proud that he was, in 
his words, "an Aryan having Aryan lineage" - but faced 
with the word lineage of Hammurabi - made known his view 
in the "holy" words of Hammurabi by saying "it is not my 
desire that the weak man should have wrong done to him by 
the strong, nor is it my desire that the strong man should 
have wrong done to him by the weak." 



The feature of the Western manipulated mass culture 
that distinguishes it from that of the Orient is the use of 
complicated, confused, and often meaningless words. The 
bare preamble to Hammurabi's laws is enough to identify 
the pattern of twisted words used by the mass manipulators 
in the West. But we can.-ipllow the development of the 
Western form of the culture^most readily by looking at the 
actual replacement of Hammurabi's initial code. This re- 
placement is still current and has been the focal point of 
the West's cultural conflict. Many details about its origin 
have come down to us in words and a review of these de- 
tails will help clarify the total picture. 

About thirty-three hundred years ago, a people, whose 
language was a division of the Semitic called Hebrew, and 
who, as a people, are often called Hebrews, were part of 
the Egyptian Empire. It is often said that they were 
"slaves" of the Egyptians. Their Bible makes it clear that 
tfrey were intermediates between the Egyptians and the 
slaves. The Hebrews administered over the Egyptian slaves., 
they had individual slaves that they cons i dered their pro- 
perty and which they took with them when they became a_ 
separate group-entity. 

There is a long story in their Bible of how, in anticipa- 
tion of what would happen, they "borrowed" much jewelry 
and valuables from the Egyptians. They then accelerated 
the sabatoge they had been carrying on until they were 
driven out of Egypt. Moses, who had been the leader of the 
sabotage activity, was then faced with the problem of what 
to do when the Hebrews were a large group with no exper- 
ience in living as a separate people. 

They had already been conditioned to live within a 
group-entity, and apparently had long been culturally bred 
for that life. Living as sovereign individuals appears to 
have been inconceivable to them. They knew only how to 
live as a group-entity. They also knew, and obviously ap- 
proved of, the practices that led to the establishment of 


the Western World's group-entities. So they offer us a his- 
torical example of exactly how the West's group-entities 
were formed. 

They were just a large group of people, with their cat- 
tle, their slaves, and their "borrowed" gold, jewelry and 
valuables, out in the desert. They were already a "civil- 
ized" people that we can look at as a group willfully form- 
ing a group-entity. 

The detailed story provides an opportunity for viewing 
a group-entity formation as something separate from the 
niceties that are claimed to be the mark distinguising the 
"civilized" from the "barbarians." Aside from the clothes on 
their backs, their domesticated cattle, their slaves, and 
their "borrowed" valuables, they had only one heritage from 
"civilization." They had been verbally conditioned to think 
of themselves as a group-entity. 

They were free but they resented freedom. They com- 
plained to Moses that all he had done was bring them out 
into the desert to starve and they wished that they were 
back. He set about making use of their group-entity con- 

Moses had no impressive man-made mountain such as 
the Sumerians had built, with a temple on top, where the 
manipulators claimed that they got the "authority" for what 
they wanted to do from a god. But he followed the practice 
that had worked in Sumer. He went up on a mountain to 
impress the people that he was getting special instructions 
from a god. He did not have good craftsmen to do his bid- 
ding but, after forty days, he came down with a slab of 
stone with ten of the Hammurabi-type laws on it. 

Even after twenty-seven hundred years of "civilization" 
that selected only the brainwashed for survival, some of 
the people were not as fully conditioned as Moses might 
have expected. Some ridiculed what he had done. So he had 
to do some additional cultural selecting. According to 
Exodus 32:26-28, here is what happened: 

Moses said, "Who is on the LORD'S side? . . . And all 
the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him. 
And he said unto them. Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, 
Put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out 
from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man 


his brother, and every man his companion, and every man 
his neighbor. And the children of Levi did according to the 
word of Moses, and there fell of the people that day about 
three thousand men." 

Moses was working on the conditioning of the people 
without any impressive structures and without any group 
constructed canals that were a benefit of "civilization" 
that all could see. So he brought forth a statement that his 
god was jealous of other gods, that his god wanted no grav- 
en images of himself, that his god wanted no impressive 
man made mountain such as the Sumerians had built - that 
his god had even brought a curse upon the Sumerian people 
who thought they could build a temple reaching from earth 
to the sky. 

Later there would be less talk of being jealous of other 
gods, and the claim would be made by the Hebrews that 
their god was the only god, the actual creator of heaven 
and earth. Future writers would add such extravagant em- 
bellishments to the god being created out of words. But for 
the moment there were more practical matters pressing on 
the mass manipulator. 

If the group-entity was to survive as such, it needed to 
have a way to live. Moses brought the word, which he 
claimed came from god, that it should live on the milk and 
honey produced by other people. 



Human group-entities are formed by combining force 
and twisted words in a way that overrules individual 
thought. Hammurabi said that his "laws from god" were for 
the purpose of keeping the strong from harming the weak. 
As demonstrated in practice, t hey were for the purpose of 
using a manipulated mas s agai nst those w ho cherished their~ 
individual integrity "and wanted to think for jthemselyesT" 
One of the Hammurabi-type "laws from god" tKat~Moses^ 
brought down from the mountain was "Thou sha lt not kill." 
^LJ?^-JIMl€djgLtely demonstrated that it meantJT you sn ail" 
not make your own decisions^about~who needs to be killed;^ 
you shaU^j.et_thje ^spokesman for the group-entity do your 
thinking and make all decisions aBMridll ing ToFyou. 

Because mortal conflict is a condition inseparable from 
existence as a living thing, when group-entities take over 
direct relationship to the universe from individuals, mass 
warfare is inevitable. Since the Hebrews were already con- 
ditioned to think of themselves as parts of a group-entity 
and, since the purported word from their god was that they 
should live off the milk and honey produced by other group i 
entities, mass warfare was a condition to which they were / 
committed. They knew it. But there was a problem. 

In the specialization that had taken place within the 
long-established Egyptian group-entity, they had not been 
selected and brought into the Egyptian Empire to be the 
fighter class. Nor had they been selectively bred for it dur- 
ing the four hundred years they had been there. TTiey had 
been intermediates betw een the ruling class and the slaves. 
Intrigue, the petty pomposity" of ~mid^ever people seeking 
"higher positions," and the ability to twist words - these 
were the skills they had learned. They lacked enough men 
of courage, with faithfulness to their ideals and their com- 
rades, to get the milk and honey of others by open attack. 
They turned to the weapons they knew: Their mass war- 
fare was conspicuously characterized by emphasis on false- 
ness, twisted words, and deceit. 


Whenever they could they infiltrated other group-enti- 
ties and killed them off without open fights. For some 
three hundred years, they did not openly declare themselves 
a group-entity by using the word "king" to identify the 
manipulator of their new entity. They called their internal 
rulers "priests" and "judges" instead of "kings." Saul was 
first to take the title of king. This was their first honest 
declaration that, three hundred years before, they had en- 
tered the arena of group-entities. 

At the time of Saul, their major enemy was a settle- 
ment of what the Bible calls Philistines. We are not posi- 
tive just who these Philistines were. The names of their 
towns were Semitic, but they may simply not have bothered 
jjj to change the names given to them by others. They clearly 

tj were not native to the area because they were called "the 

^t sea people." From their customs as recited in the Bible, we 

^ can assume that they were products of the individual sover- 

q eignty culture. The Bible tells of one of them, described as 

a "giant," who came out and dared any man in all of Saul's 
^ kingdom to meet him in one-to-one combat. A shepherd boy, 

^ David, who had developed skill in the use of the sling, made 

Vl\ an impression - apparently on both the Hebrews and the 

^ Philistines - by having the courage to meet this "giant" 

Philistine. He hit him in the head with a rock from his 
sling, knocked him out, then took the Philistine's own sword 
and cut off his head. David became a hero in the eyes of 
the Hebrews and King Saul was jealous of him. 

David developed, or for purposes of deceiving the Phi- 
listines appeared to develop, a mortal enmity with King 
Saul. He joined the Philistines and they accepted him as 
one of their army leaders. He said that he wanted to help 
in the leadership of the Philistine armies against the He- 
brews. The Philistine's top leader was willing to accept 
him, but the council, that could overrule leaders when the 
people were dealing with group-entities, would not permit 
it. They suspected David's sincerity and thought he would 
betray the Philistines in the middle of the battle. 

Later events showed that the Philistines were right in 
suspecting that David would betray them. David followed 
Saul as king of the Hebrews and, with his knowledge of the 
Philistines' layout and ways of battle, he began to build a 
full-fledged kingdom. 

In building his kingdom, David had the help of an un- 


stated number of Hittites - the individual sovereignty peo- 
ple who called themselves Aryans. They must have been 
well established among the Hebrews for they were close 
enough to the palace that King David noticed the wife of 
one of them taking a bath and decided he must have her. 
Her husband was helping David fight his battles. David con- 
spired to have him placed in the front of a battle, without 
support, and be killed. Then David had a son by the Hittite 
woman. This son, Solomon - who was half a product of the 
mass manipulation culture and half a product of the indivi- 
dual sovereigty culture - became king after David. 

Under King Solomon the kingdom of the Hebrews had 
what was later referred to as its period of glory. Aside 
from this brief period of "glory," the Hebrew story shows a 
group-entity that repeated all the characteristics of the 
Sumerians and the Egyptians except that it provided no 
tangible products of "civilization." From the beginning it 
set out to live on the niceties of "civilization" produced by 
others - what the spokesman for its god called the milk and 

We have gone into some detail because this group-en- 
tity gives us a background for a specific conflict that can 
be traced to the present time. This conflict points up the 
dif f er ence_bfilw^erL .the pimple brain washin^in_ t he Orient 
and T^ fte more cgmptex-J^am Western World. 

From - the full story we can learn how the culture of mass 
manipulation came to dominate the Western World. 


Although we know that King Solomon was half Aryan, 
we cannot be sure just how much interbreeding between 
products of the mass manipulation culture and the indivi- 
dual sovereignty culture the Hebrew method of waging war 
by infiltration and deceit had resulted in by King Solomon's 
time. However, we do know that, of the original twelve 
tribes of Hebrews, only the tribe of Judah remained to- 
gether. Thereafter the Hebrews of the tribe of Judah called 
themselves the Jews, and when those from any of the other 
tribes rejoined them they, too, were called Jews. 

This group-entity, now called Jewish, but having conti- 
nuity from the Hebrew entity formed by Moses to live off 
the milk and honey of others, continues to the present day. 
It gives us a clear picture of a primitive group-entity, be- 
fore the Sumerians and Egyptians began using the "carrots" 
produced by the manipulated mass as weapons for further 


manipulation. It gives us a picture of a group-entity that is 
a group-entity - and nothing else. 



Separation of opposing cultures is necessary if the cul- 
ture of individual sovereignty is to survive. 

When individual sovereignty people must fight the mass 
manipulated people who threaten to absorb or destroy them, 
they have no choice but to form organized armies. Such an 
army is really a temporary group-entity of those defending 
individual sovereignty. For the duration of the fight, indivi- 
dual sovereignty must be suspended and everyone must obey 
the tactical orders of the group's commander. If the mass 
manipulated people are a dense population pressing in from 
all sides, if the individual sovereignty people cannot quickly 
achieve full victory and again segregate themselves, if 
mobilization must extend beyond the army to the whole 
people and continue for generations, then their temporary 
group-entity has become a permanent one. Their way of life 
is gone. There is no longer a distinction between their way 
of life and that of the mass manipulated people. 

This is what happened to all the waves of individual 
sovereignty people who went into the Mediterranean area 
of Northern Africa. With a different spelling, Iran (Land of 
the Aryans) still bears their name, but their culture has 

The individual sovereignty people went into India with 
very much the same result. The thought pattern on which 
their commitment to individual sovereignty was based is 
still identifiable in the Hindu religion but it has been dis- 
torted and deprived of its original clarity. Perception that 
saw purpose in life was distorted into a religion of retreat 
from a life so mired in the remains of a long enduring cul- 
ture of mass manipulation that its purpose was no longer 

Life's purpose and direction needs no explanation, it 
only needs innate perception that is unclouded by words. 
The attempt to rationalize opposition to life's purpose and 


direction can never find enough words to be fully convin- 
cing. In India the people still keep talking. 

What became an involved religion in India was original- 
ly merely the assumptions that followed logically from in- 
nate perception. Because everyone recognized a perceptive 
intelligence in himself, it was assumed to have come from 
an aboriginal perceptive intelligence. Since everyone could 
see that living things had to fight each other for living 
room, those who consciously recognized their individual 
sovereignty concluded that opposing individuals should be 
viewed as the thoughts and words of the aboriginal intelli- 
gence being weighed against each other. Therefore integri- 
ty and courage in the fight was the role of high honor to 
be played by individual descendants of the aboriginal creat- 
ive intelligence who had reached the plateau of perception 
where they could view the whole. The overall decision was 
manifest as the continuing reality. It was important to look 
carefully at all Nature if one hoped to perceive reality's 
long range direction. 

In India the Aryans faced an enormous mass of group- 
entity people. They became mired in the mass that had 
been conditioned by long manipulation, and began to think 
that their individual beings were a hopeless mistake. They 
had too much perception to accept the group-entity way of 
life. They decided that each individual should seek to un- 
create himself by undoing all he had ever done. The objec- 
tive of this was to again become an undivided part of the 
aboriginal consciousness. 

When the individual sovereignty people went into 
Greece they were able to achieve total dominance of a 
limited area. But they recognized that their limited area 
could not be fully segregated. They recognized that they 
had moved into a world of group-entities. 

They also recognized that, in a world of group-entities, 
some sort of laws were necessary for people accustomed to 
being manipulated by laws. The adminstrative system that 
the group-entities used to implement the "words from their 
gods M was called a government. The Greeks, with their in- 
dividual sovereignty background, said that they would have 
a "scientific government M made up of voluntary agreements 
betweeen sovereign individuals. 


The "scientific government" was conceived as being 
based on individuals of unshakable integrity. The individual 
sovereignty idea was that all relationships must be voiun^ 
Jary . Voluntary implies an acceptable alternative. The 
Greeks based their government on the idea that those who 
did not want to participate could and would leave. 

But when the individual sovereignty people took over 
Greece, they found a population that had not been bred for 
unshakable integrity. The native people could not partici- 
pate in a government based on such a premise. They were 
accustomed to obeying "authority" and had no concept of 
how to live without it. They showed themselves willing to 
accept any designated "authority." The individual sovereign- 
ty people decided the native people could be useful and al- 
lowed them to remain as slaves. The slaves had no voice in 
the government but the "citizens" and "slaves" got along 

However, daily association with those bred by the mass 
manipulation culture had its effect on the Greeks. They 
invented a whole imaginary world of gods as people invent 
fairy stories. Some of the people came to believe that 
these gods actually existed. But for several hundred years 
the Greeks, with their "scientific" government - and their 
individual sovereignty background - had what appears to 
have been a very pleasant life. 

**' About twenty-three hundred years ago a Greek, 
Alexander the Great, conquered the whole Mediterranean 
area and set up Greek cities designed to be examples of 
Greek thought and the Greek way of living. This enabled 
the mass manipulated people to see a way of life that ap- 
peared better than their own. The hope was that the ma- 
nipulated people would all see the value of the individual 
sovereignty culture and adopt it. This did not work. The 
J people bred for mass manipulation had no will to change. 

The Romans took over the whole pantheon of gods the 
Greeks had invented, used it as the mass manipulated peo- 
ple had always used their gods - to awe and control people 
with mystery and "authority." Then, pragmatically using 
people bred for mass manipulation rather than trying to 
change them, the Romans took over the whole Mediterra- 
nean area that Alexander had conquered. 

During the period of Roman control, a significant event 


provided the mixed people of the Mediterranean area with a 
statement - made in the crystal clear language of reality - 
that the conflict between the opposing cultures is mortal 
and eternah 





For a period of two or three hundred years, beginning 
about two thousand years ago, it appeared as if the issue 
between the individual sovereignty people and the mass 
manipulated people - the problem of the whole human spe- 
cies - had been stated so clearly that even the manipulated 
people could see what was happening to them. One sover- 
eign individual called Jesus conspicuously set himself in 
opposition to the culture of mass manipulation and exposed 
its falsity and destructiveness for all to see. 

Jesus was born in the middle of a bitter conflict be- 
tween two formal implements of mass manipulation - the 
Roman group-entity and the Jewish group-entity. And he 
was born in an area where there still remained thirteen 
cities set up by Alexander as examples of the Greek way of 
life and Greek thought. 

The Greek examples carried some of the original 
thoughts of the individual sovereignty people. The original 
thought pattern had become confused by mixing the people 
from two opposing cultures. However, an individual with 
clear perception could see the basic conflict between op- 
posing cultures. Jesus saw this. He also saw that, if it was 
not stopped, the culture of mass manipulation would destroy 
the human species. 

It would appear to be no random accident that Jesus, 
who saw the problem so clearly, was born among the Jews. 
Their group-entity was the clearest possible example of the 
problem because it had been least confused with n the nice- 
ties of civilization." The Jewish manipulators offered their 
people no products of "civilization" created by the joint 
efforts of those in their group-entity. Moses had merely 
offered them the choice: Accept the god I tell you about 
and accept me as his spokesman or simply tell me that you 
do not. Then - without warning them what he planned to 
do, without giving them a chance to defend themselves - he 
immediately demonstrated that those who did not accept 
would be killed by those who did. 


That set the pattern for Judaism. The Jews tried to 
hide what they were doing behind an elaborate rattle of 
words, and sought to confuse people regarding their intent- 
ions. But when they thought the time was ripe for action, 
their actions were the essense of the mass manipulation 
culture in its stark primitive nakedness. 

In the area where Jesus was born, everyone had to be 
part of some group-entity. The only question among the 
Jews was whether to be a part of the Roman entity or the 
Jewish entity. Some tried to be parts of both. What had 
already been reduced to nothing but part of a group-entity, 
they tried to split. They lived in a world of words rather 
than a world of Nature or reality. They did not think of all 
this as attempts to mutilate their natural beings. They 
thought of it as being "civilized. 1 ' 

The Jews, Romans, and everyone in the Mediterranean 
area, had been conditioned to measure an individual's worth 
by the "position" he held in a group-entity. All accepted 
the conditioning that one who was not part of a group-en- 
tity had no worth. The thoughts that Jesus expressed were 
the thoughts of the individual sovereignty people: 

Because each individual recognized perceptive intelli- 
gence in himself, the individual sovereignty people had con- 
cluded that it came from an aboriginal perceptive intelli- 
gence. Jesus used the word "Father" for this aboriginal per- 
ceptive intelligence. He recognized it as existing in all liv- 
ing things. He told people to consider the lillies of the field 
and notice that Solomon in all his glory had no more beaut- 
iful clothes than they. He pointed out that, in the commer- 
cial values of group-entities, sparrows were sold at two for 
a penny - and yet each individual sparrow was cherished by 
the Father. Then, he said, if a sparrow had worth in the 
thoughts of the Father, an individual human must have 
much more. 

With regard to the relations of individuals to the 
group-entities that were in conflict with each other, he 
told the people to take no sides. Each group-entity demon- 
strated its power by fighting the other. If an individual 
opposed one, that opposition was a help to the other. He 
said that if the Jewish tax collector took away your coat, 
let him have it, and let him have your overcoat too. If a 
Roman soldier told you to go along with him and carry his 
pack for one mile, do it, and carry it a second mile if ne- 


cessary to show your lack of opposition. Opposition to one 
group-entity was help and support to another. 

He tried to avoid all subjects where his words could be 
twisted to mean that he was on one side or the other. He 
avoided the question of whether Jews should pay taxes to 
the Romans, instead of tithes to their Jewish god, by mere- 
ly saying, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's 
and unto God the things that are God's." He saved a woman 
who had not followed the Jewish entity's demand that no 
woman could have sexual relations without authorization 
from the Jewish group-entity - and did it in such a way 
that he did not challenge the laws supposedly given to 
Moses by the Jewish god. He was not yet ready for a con- 

His positive statements all supported these basic ones: 
He said '1 am in the Father and the Father in me. If you 
have seen me you have seen the Father." He used the term 
"Holy Spirit" to talk of the Father within one as distin- 
guished from a man-invented god whom manipulators pre- 
sented as speaking human words. He used the term "kingdom 
of heaven" to talk of how things should be without the 
group-entities that people had created. He said that know- 
ledge of the Father and of the kingdom of heaven was 
within everyone. He said that, if people were going to pray, 
that prayer should be something done alone and it should be 
that the will of the Father be done on earth as it was in 
the kingdom of heaven. He said that the kingdom of heaven 
was not a location; that it was within one. He told people 
that they could go against the law and that was not impor- 
tant, they could go against what they called "god" and that 
was not important, but if they opposed the Holy Spirit that 
was within them they would be eternally damned. 

In words, there can be no clearer statement of the 
basis on which the culture of individual sovereignty was 
built. But Jesus wanted to make a clearer statement than 
words can make. 

He prepared himself to make that clearer statement. He 
lived without doing anything in direct opposition to either 
the laws of the Jews or the laws of the Romans. The 
Romans could not openly execute him as a breaker of 
Roman law. And the Jews could not use the practice that 
the Romans let them get by with - the practice of stoning 
the breakers of Jewish "laws from god" to death in some 


back alley. 

Because the Jews were under Roman law, Jesus could 
force a publicly viewed confrontation - one that would be 
between group-entities in general and an individual who had 
done nothing in opposition to any group-entity but proclaim 
his individual sovereignty. 

He knew that such a confrontation would bring the 
conflict between sovereign individuals and group-entities 
out into the open. Thereafter, all who proclaimed their in- 
dividual sovereignty would be branded as enemies by the 
group-entities. They would have to fight for bare survival. 
He told his disciples, "Sell your coat and buy a sword." 

He picked the time of the Passover, when the Jews 
celebrated the beginning of the Jewish group-entity, for 
the confrontation. He knew that they would not ignore open 
defiance at the time of their most "holy" celebration. 

The Jews arrested him, and brought him before the 
Roman governor. The Roman governor found him innocent 
of any wrongdoing. But the Jews demanded that he be cru- 
cified. The Romans finally consented. 

Almost immediately after the crucifixion, everyone re- 
cognized that, by his public trial and death on the cross, 
Jesus - one sovereign individual - had won a victory over 
both the Jewish group-entity and the Roman group-entity. 
Because he had not broken the laws of either, his crucifix- 
ion had shown, with a clarity that could no longer be ig- 
nored, that the conflict between individuals who merely 
upheld their inborn sovereignty and all group-entities was 
mortal and eternal. There could be no compromise. Every 
individual must make a choice between the two opposing 

Jesus had taught that a living individual has more value 
than one who is a mere part of a group-entity - no matter 
what "position" in the group-entity the part occupies. His 
message was that those who obeyed mere words were 
damned - that those who obeyed the law and the prophets 
were already dead. To enter the kingdom of heaven they 
would have to leave the manipulated mass and the laws 
that overrode individual will. The change was as great as if 
they were being reborn. He taught that an individual who 
wanted to be a living thing had to obey only the Holy Spirit 


within himself. 

Many began to take courage from the courage he had 
shown. They openly identified themselves as followers of 
Jesus and were called Christians. They banded together to 
discuss his teachings and consider what strategy they 
should adopt. 

At first the Roman Empire was considered by its rulers 
as too big and powerful to become much concerned. The 
Roman rulers decided to leave the problem to the Jews. 
The Jews were the ones who had cried out, "Crucify him." 

The Jews tried to stop the opposition that the crucifix- 
ion had aroused to Judaism. The Roman practice was to al- 
low Jews to kill off - by back alley gang tactics - those 
who showed disregard for the laws that they claimed came 
from their god. The Romans gave the Jewish gangs a free 
hand with regard to the Christians. 

The leader of one such gang, Saul of Tarsus, becomes 
very important in our story as an example of how words 
can be used to twist and distort clear thought. (Saul was 
one of those who tried to play it safe by being a part of 
both entities. Paul was his name as a part of the Roman 

The body of Jesus had already been crucified. But the 
spirit of Jesus, or memory of what he had said and done, 
lived on. Paul used words to crucify the spirit of Jesus. 

By the use of words, Paul turned the whole meaning of 
what Jesus had done backwards. He invented a meaning for 
the crucifixion opposite to what Jesus had taught in words 
- and what Jesus had so clearly shown by the courageous 
act of putting himself in the position where he would be 

Paul used words to destroy the eloquent statement 
Jesus made by avoiding the usual Jewish method of a back 
alley stoning. He invented a false explanation for the ob- 
vious fact that Jesus had deliberately invited a public trial 
and crucifixion: The Jews had a practice of killing an ani- 
mal on an altar. They called it "a sacrifice for their sins." 
Sin was the word they used to mean disobeying the laws 
that they claimed came from the god they had invented. 
Paul said that when Jesus talked about the "Father" he 


meant the Jewish god. Paul then claimed that the cruci- 
fixion of Jesus had been the Jewish god sacrificing his own 
son for the sins of all the people who had not obeyed the 
Jewish laws. 

It would be difficult to describe in words the signifi- 
cance of what Paul did more effectively than Nietzsche did 
in his book, "The Anti-Christ. M He said that Paul na iled 

Jesus back on the cross. 

— i^————— —————— -^^ 

Paul set up a chain of churches and began to use the 
story of Jesus he had invented in the same way the Sumer- 
ians and Egyptians had used the sun god, and the Jews had 
used the god they invented - to give "authority 11 to the 
words of the one who claimed to be the god's spokesman. 

But in spite of Paul and his chain of churches, the real 
story of Jesus was still told for about three hundred years. 
Real Christians continued to band together for strength. 

Three hundred years after Jesus, Christians, in increas- 
ing numbers, were becoming a problem to the Roman 

The anti-Christ groups that Paul had built up also 
called themselves "Christians." This use of the same word 
to identify two cultures that were in mortal opposition 
caused a lot of confusion. The confusion was intensified 
because some people tried to coodinate the opposing ideas. 
All together there were over a hundred different sects. 
These included some attempted mixings between the groups 
of anti-Christ "Christians" that Paul had built up and real 
Christians. As always happens, the attempted mixings 
played into hands of the manipulators. 

Apparently the real Christians, those actually following 
the teachings of Jesus, were beginning to take the advice 
Jesus gave to his disciples, "Sell your coat and buy a 
sword." They were becoming a problem to the Romans. We 
know there is a twisted story about "George the dragon 
slayer" that never makes it quite clear what group-entity 
the dragon was. It might even have been one of the anti- 
Christ "Christian" sects that were trying to destroy the 
real Christians. Important facts about the story were ap- 
parently suppressed until they were wiped out of histories. 
But we know that the word "dragon" is used in Northern 
European mythology to mean group-entity. We know that 


"dragon" is even used throughout the Bible to mean group- / 
entity. And we know that George was a real man, a / 
Christian, a soldier, and that he was captured and tortured / 
by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, and was put to death by / 
the Emperor on April 23, 303 A.D. in Nicomedia. ^ J 

In 3U A.D. the Roman Emperor Constantine convened a 
council to study the various teachings of all the Christian 
sects. In 325 A.D. he convened another council and selected 
one for recognition by the Roman Empire as the "official 
Christianity," with the understanding that it would either 
absorb or destroy the others. 

With some modifications to make the story of Jesus 
that Paul had invented go even further in portraying Jesus 
as a group-entity god, the anti-Christ "Christianity" of Paul 
was the one selected. 

The anti-Christ "Christianity" of Paul was used to des- 
troy the real Christians within the Roman Empire. After 
that it was used to destroy the whole individual sovereignty 
culture in Northern Europe that had withstood all the 
power the Roman armies had been able to bring against it. 

It was fifteen hundred years before a President of the 
United States, Thomas Jefferson, removed the twisted 
words in which the story of Jesus had been inbedded. Dur- 
ing those years inquisitions of the Catholic Church had 
used a combination of force and words to make a whole 
people accept and teach their children the recognizably 
false Judaeo-"Christianity" invented by Paul. Cutting away 
the obvious falsity that the manipulators had injected into 
the Bible, Jefferson said that the true story of Jesus was 
"as easily distinguised as diamonds in a dung-hill." 



If we looked only at what is now called Christianity, 
we would find it inconceivable that the Northern Europeans 
would have allowed that "Christianity's" priests to infil- 
trate their homeland. It, therefore, appears highly probable 
that the true story of Jesus had been spread among the 
Northern Europeans during the three hundred years before 
the real Christians were destroyed by the "official Christ- 
ianity" of the Roman Empire. There is no other way to ac- 
count for the initial acceptance of the priests bearing the 
mass manipulation story invented by Paul. 

Even so, the priests would have had to continue using 
the true story to gain entrance to the Northern European 
area. Only when they had built up a group they could con- 
trol, could they gradually twist the story to the one Paul 
had invented. 

In order to understand why the priests could use the 
true story of Jesus to gain acceptance, it is necessary to 
remove a falsification of facts that has been promoted by 
mass manipulators and is still widely accepted. Against con- 
clusive evidence of falsity, it is still widely accepted that 
the Northern Europeans were barbarians worshiping many 
strange gods. Julius Caesar, who fought them, studied their 
ways, and wrote the only firsthand information we have 
about them, said that those east of the Rhine (the ones 
that are still there and those that are now the English, 
Americans, and Scandinavians) had no gods of the kinds 
other people had, that they looked directly to Natu rejas 
the source of all benefits^ He emphasized that they hadno 

priests or druids like thos e of Romanized Gaul. 


Looking at the early religions of Greece and India 
that derive from the same common source, we know that 
the whole culture of the Northern Europeans was based on 
belief in one aboriginal creative consciousness that con- 
tinues in every living thing. 

The Roman priests gained admittance among the North- 


em Europeans by describing Jesus as one who believed as 
they did. They quoted the statements he had made that 
heaven was within, that he was in the Father and the 
Father was in him, that all living things were cherished 
children of the Father, even the lillies of the field and the 
birds in the air. And they told of a Jesus who, like all the 
Northern Europeans, lived and died with integrity and cour- 
age. They told of a Jesus, who weaponless had defied the 
group-entity people and had died as bravely as all the 
Northern European heroes who had fought the dragons, or 

These Northern Europeans had long been threatened by 
the "dragons" (the manipulated group-entities) outside their 
area. Their life in harmony with Nature had been disturbed 
by the necessity for organizing armies to oppose the group- 
entity people. 

From the area of the group-entity people, now came 
priests saying that they represented some among the group- 
entity people who wanted to stop the long standing con- 
flict - who even had a law "Thou shalt not kill." 

Like Moses, the priests were merely trying to lure the / 
people into a false sense of security until a manipulated / 
group could be formed among them that would accept the I 
interpretation: " Thou shalt not kill until ordered to do so J 
by an 'auth orized spoke sman 1 for the group-entity." I * 

As long as anyone could remember the policy of the 
individual sovereignty people had been "kill the dragons" 
and uphold the "fair fight" (one-to-one) combat that keeps 
manipulated group-entities from being formed among us. 
Accepting priests, who falsely said that they represented 
people who did not want to kill the individual sovereignty 
people, was accepting camouflaged dragon seeds planted 
among them. 

The dragon seeds planted among the individual sover- 
eignty people were nourished by an elaborate organization 
among the group-entity people outside the area. The 
Catholic Church had a strategy planning staff and the 
priests were schooled in tactical maneuvers. 

When the priests got enough followers they began 
subtly twisting the story until they had identified the anti- 
Christ "Christians" who were following the teachings of 


Paul with the real Christians who were following the 
teachings of Jesus. After the one word, "Christian," had 
been used for three hundred years to mean the people of 
two cultures that mortally opposed each other, the priests 
saw what clever tricks can be played with words. 

The priests performed Paul's word trick again. They 
said that the "Father 1 ' of Jesus, and the "aboriginal crea- 
tive consciousness" of the Northern European were all just 
different words for the "god" of the Jews. 

This word trick was aided by the fact that the North- 
ern Europeans and the priests had a clear cut point of full 
agreement: They both fully rejected the multiple gods of 
the Romans. 

Once the Jewish tribal god was accepted as being the 
same as the aboriginal creative consciousness, there re- 
mained only the matter of getting the people to accept the 
priests' assertions that this one and only god had told the 
Jews to write down some laws in words. 

As soon as the priests had a group that would obey 
"authoritative" words, they used the group to overpower, 
torture, and kill those who would not let words overrule 
the perception that was within them. 

Finally the priests got some of the Northern Europeans, 
themselves, to create group-entities. They used the same 
misleading words that Moses had used: "Thou shalt not kill" 
and omitted the underhanded part - unless you are told to 
kill by a spokesman with "authority." Like the people mani- 
pulated by Moses, the Northern Europeans began obeying 
the "authority" and went about killing every man his bro- 
ther, his companion, and his neighbor who would not accept 
words from the spokesman for the man-invented god as 
more important than their own perception. When the culture 
of mass manipulation got into full swing, millions upon mil- 
lions of the individual sovereignty people were killed by 
their former comrades. 

In addition to the misuse of words in combination with 
force, a misuse of money helped the mass manipulators to 
destroy the individual sovereignty people. Julius Caesar 
said that the Northern Europeans knew about money but did 
not use it and did not want to use it. When the ways of the 
group-entity people were imposed on them, the use of 


money was part of those ways. They became dependent on 
it, as all group-entity people do. 

An exceptional tricky use of money became one of the 
methods the priests put into effect to destroy the practice 
of socially approved one-to-one combat that the Northern 
Europeans had depended on to maintain their individual sov- 
ereignty culture. 

A group-entity is based on the idea of "positions of 
authority" - different degrees of sovereignty. The idea that 
"positions of authority" exist independent of the individuals 
occuping the "positions" is an essential factor of the group- 
entity concept. The idea must be accepted that a king, a 
priest, or any other mass manipulator may be a fallible 
human but a "position of authority" is a necessity because 
group-entities are a necessity. The fallible human only has 
"authority" because he occupies a "position of authority." 
The "position" becomes the important thing. 

One of the tactics the priests used to destroy the cul- 
ture of individual sovereignty was inventing "classes" of 
people claimed to have "different degrees of sovereignty." 
Among the Northern Europeans, the priests pushed for a 
division of people into those who had the "right" to one-to- 
one combat and those who did not. Nobility and honor were 
ideas the people used to describe admirable individuals. 
The priests began talking of the "nobles" and the "common 
people" as "classes" or "positions." 

To promote the idea, money was injected to help con- 
fuse the thought pattern. 

The priests, who themselves had been required to re- 
spond to challenges for one-to-one combat or lose respect, 
came up with the idea that the "upper classes" need not 
respond to challenges from the "lower classes" - that, in- 
stead of giving satisfaction by one-to-one combat, payment 
of money for the harm done was an honorable settlement. 

Money, which 3 f 500 years before had been invented as 
a weapon intrinsically favorable to mass manipulators, has 
many facets that give advantage to mass manipulators. 

When the idea was injected and accepted that money 
could buy off the age-old social agreement that promoted 
the individual sovereignty culture of the people - the 


agreement that any individual could demand and receive 
satisfaction for any offense against him on "the field of 
honor" - the culture of mass manipulation had taken over 
Northern Europe. 



Current mass manipulators carefully promote the less 
than half truth that money is merely a medium of exchange. 

If there were any occasion for the use of money within 
a culture of individual sovereignty, money would be a med- 
ium of exchange and only that. But in a worldwide culture 
of sovereign individuals there would be no occasion to use 
money. The early Northern Europeans rejected its use. The 
early Greeks compromised; they used money but made a 
point of ensuring that their money was in a form not ac- 
ceptable in trade outside their own realm. 

The purposes of money other than its use as a mere 
medium of exchange are what vitally concern us. 

Money was conceived and created as a weapon of mass 
manipulation. In Sumer, useful products became a "carrot" 
of mass manipulation that supplemented the "stick" of ma- 
nipulated group force. Money was invented because the 
manipulators needed to devise a way to fine tune their con- 
trol over the useful products. 

From primitive times they had manipulated a word con- 
trolled group powerful enough to take everything from 
those who would not submit to word control. Now they de- 
cided that they would not take everything from dissenting 
individuals; they would take only a portion of what these 
individuals produced so as to encourage them to keep pro- 
ducing. This restraint on how much they took would lull 
those who could not be controlled by words into passive 
acceptance of the manipulators' - only partially used - 
group-entity power. This system of making power inconspic- 
uous and encouraging continued production by taking only a 
portion of what is produced is called taxation. 

A convenient unit of measure for the new idea of tax- 
ation was needed. That is the origin and the original pur- 
pose of money. 


A standard measure of grain was the first money. But 
collecting tax in measures of grain, or a percentage of 
one's cattle, was too cumbersome for the mass manipula- 
tors. At that time metal was new, rare, and prized. It had 
intrinsic value. In Sumer, about 4500 years ago, the manipu- 
lators began to replace measures of grain with pieces of 
metal as money. Taxes were imposed in coined money. 

Coined money quickly came to represent the force of 
the manipulators. They began to require that taxes be paid 
in a piece of metal with the image of the "Caesar 11 on it. 
To get the money to pay taxes one had to participate in 
the increasingly complex system of mass manipulation. Pay- 
ment in coined money - the use of which was an unspoken 
token of submission to measured force - staved off the use 
of still greater force. 

The image of the "Caesar" - not the intrinsic value of 
the metal - soon came to be the important thing. Everyone 
had to deal in the "coin of the realm." Accepting the use 
of money was accepting one's dependence on, and submis- 
sion to, the power held by the realm's mass manipulators. 

A significant aspect of money - which manipulators are 
careful to omit from the school book definition - is our 
major concern. It can be simply stated: A unit of money is 
a unit of manipulated force that belongs to the force- 
controller whose stamp is on the money. 

The basic force behind the culture of mass manipula- 
tion is a word controlled group used as a weapon against 
any individual who opposes the manipulators. Initially the 
force is expressed by killing and physical torture. As the 
culture gains in power the mere threat of killing, physical 
torture, or even imprisonment, is sufficient to enforce sub- 
mission to manipulation. 

Then, as mass manipulation is accepted as the only way 
of life, becoming one of the manipulators begins to appear 
more desirable than submitting to manipulation. Acceptance 
by the manipulated group - and status, "a position" within 
the group - is actively sought. Money comes to be a symbol 
of status. Money becomes "position" in the abstract, or an 
instrument for acquiring a "position." 

As people ponder the myriad ways that money can be 
used and misused, the idea is likely to develop that money 


is power in the abstract. It is not. It is the power of the 
manipulators whose stamp is on it. 

The idea that money is power in the abstract often 
leads those who oppose mass manipulation to think that 
enough money will restore their individual sovereignty. It 
will not. 

Ignorance of this fact induces those with much money 
to hug to themselves the illusion that they, and their 
friends who also have great amounts of money and so make 
up a sort of exclusive society, have already reclaimed their 
individual sovereignty. They have not. Money can only buy 
for them the fawning, pseudo-respect that brainwashed 
zombis give to their "sovereigns" - those who hold the 
"highest positions" in the hierarchy of manipulators. 

The illusion that individual sovereignty can come from 
enough money keeps the people who have the time and abil- 
ity to do something effective toward establishing, or 
re-establishing, the culture of individual sovereignty pro- 
ducing for the manipulators. It also keeps them from taking 
any action toward regaining their individual sovereignty. 
They fail to realize that, among themselves, money is a 
drug-sedative that mass manipulators are happy for compe- 
tent, aggressive, highly productive, individual sovereignty 
people to have. It keeps them passive. The wealthy and 
passive thereby join the "lower classes" that the priests 
persuaded to accept money as payment for the wrong done 
them. The only difference is the amount of money needed 
to buy their honor. 

In the world of international commerce, a very impor- 
tant thing about money is this: Money is the power of a 
government that can be given into the hands of anonymous 
persons. It can be given into the hands of the enemies of 
the government. History shows what can happen when this 
is done. 

Along with word control, money collected from the 
people was a major tool the Catholic Church used to take 
control within the Roman Empire. Money was the power of 
the Roman Empire, itself. The Roman Empire's own money, 
injected into the combination of words and force used by 
the Church, worked so successfully that, in the end, kings 
held their "position" because a pope placed a crown on 
their heads. 


Then, as kings revolted against control by the Catholic 
Church, the struggle for power between mass manipulators 
became more complex. Anonymous individuals began to use 
the government's power that was packaged up in money. An 
international organization of Jewish bankers, recognizing 
that money is the power of governments that can be given 
into the hands of anonymous persons, began to manipulate 
the governments themselves. 

The demonstrated fact that a group-entity other than 
the openly recognized government - a church or an organi- 
zation of bankers - could use the government's own money 
to destroy the government, itself, became impressive. Some 
of the individual sovereignty people, who had seen their 
culture destroyed by the clever priests, tried their hands at 
using money as a weapon. They tried to form "honorable" 
group-entities and use money to protect them from group- 
entities that obviously promoted the culture of mass mani- 

Wiser ones recognized that opposing cultures cannot be 
mixed. They recognized the necessity for segregating them- 
selves. They sought out areas where they could hope to 
continue the defense of the individual sovereignty culture 
that had bred them. 



Opposing cultures cannot be mixed. The opposition be- 
tween them is mortal and eternal. The culture of mass ma- 
nipulation drove the last remnant of the individual sover- 
eignty people, who had avoided involvement, into hideouts 
along the northern coasts. 

Denmark, Norway, and Sweden afforded the best areas 
for their resistance. They took to the sea in long boats 
from inlets (inlet = Vik) and were called Vikings. 

Within the confused chaos that was now Northern 
Europe, the Vikings recognized that their major enemy was 
the Catholic Church. It was the underhanded tactics of the 
Church, not the open force of the Roman Empire, that had 
done such vast damage to their culture. / 

Beginning about fifteen hundred years ago they went 
every place that was available to their long black boats 
with about forty men each. They launched raids in areas 
where the Church dominated the people. With indignation 
and contempt they killed those who had been faithless to 
themselves and their own culture and accepted the enemy. 
They, of course, made a special point of burning the monas- 
teries and nunneries and killing monks, nuns, and priests. 

They freed great areas in England and Northern France 
(Normandy) from Church control. They went as far as 
Greenland and America searching for new homelands. 

They were making a valiant stand in defense of their 
culture. They were already badly outnumbered. But they 
were strong-willed, steadfast in their comradeship, and of 
unexcelled courage when facing their enemies. 

They held out for about six hundred years. But gradual- 
ly, one leader after another met some kindly priest, who 
was sincerely struggling for a buried truth about Jesus un- 
derneath the falseness of the manipulators. One leader af- 
ter another glimpsed what the sincere priests were seeking. 
They allowed the anti-Christ ••Christianity" to come in. 


Then priests, nuns, and monks were allowed to teach little 
children the twisted words of the Church. 

Rollo set up a Viking power in Normandy strong enough 
to continually raid Paris, but he joined the Church and was 
accepted as part of the overall power in 912. He was given 
a "position" with the title of Duke. 

Gorm set up a protected individual sovereignty area 
encompassing all Denmark which lasted until his death in 
940. Then his son, Harold Bluetooth, was baptized and al- 
lowed the Church to take over in Denmark. 

Harold the Fairhaired consolidated all Norway into re- 
sistance against the Church in 872. His great-grandson let 
in the power of the Church in 1020. 

Sweden held out for almost another hundred years but 
finally lost the battle against the mass manipulators. 

The children were then all sent to schools where they 
were taught nothing about the all important conflict of cul- 
tures. Instead, they were taught that their ancestors were 
"barbarians" and the "fortunate" children would now have 
the great priviledge of building a "modern civilized" group- 

The Church's practices of selectively breeding for mass 
manipulation were rapidly put into effect. But the products 
of a culture that had long been breeding in the opposite 
direction did not provide much base for selective breeding 
in a diametrically opposed direction. 

Also, fragments of the old cultural practices persisted. 
* * * 

Aside from the flesh and blood individual sovereignty 
people who came from countless centuries of selective 
breeding by their culture, and aside from the disjointed 
fragments of the old cultural practices that have persisted, 
the thing about the Western World that distinguishes it from 
the Orient is the memory that the culture of mass manipu- 
lation does not have to be accepted as "the way things 

In the Western World, there is still a cherished know- 


ledge that once a fully functioning culture of individual 
sovereignty existed. And it is well remembered that such a 
culture made for a life enriched - beyond the conception of 
manipulated masses - by deep abiding love and joyful 

For more millenniums than there exists any historical 
record, that culture was maintained against the encroaching 
culture of mass manipulation. 

That memory has not yet been fully destroyed. 



About four hundred years ago, people who had been 
deprived of their individual sovereignty in Europe began 
coming to America where the population was so sparce that 
individuals could hope to make a new life. 

Recovery of their heritage was not easy. The ways of 
mass manipulators had been imposed on them for almost a 
thousand years. Because the force-backed brainwashing had 
been so intense in Europe - with torture, imprisonment and 
conspicuous public death for all who said, or were suspect- 
ed of thinking, anything not approved by the priests - many 
of the colonies merely became imitations of what was going 
on in Europe. Some had word-contollers acting like "little 
popes" and trying to set up the sort of theocracy that the 
people had been brainwashed to call "religion." 

But living close to Nature gradually restored perception 
to some extent. Also, some individuals among the people 
retained a knowledge of their individual sovereignty heri- 

About three hundred years ago, some of the people, led 
by Roger Williams, began actively to oppose theocracy - 
the form of government that tries to hide the underhanded 
force behind it and pretends to be a freely accepted "relig- 

About two hundred years ago, the Americans began 
actively to oppose domination by group-entities in Europe. 

Those who had a clear picture of what had happened to 
them in Europe knew that they could not fully restore their 
original culture all at once. The culture of mass manipula- 
tion had been imposed on them in carefully measured steps, 
and the way back to their own culture would need to be in 
carefully measured steps. However they had thrown off 
enough of the brainwashing forced on them to make a start. 

A group of people in thirteen colonies decided to try 
forming a government of sovereign individuals as the 


Greeks had tried to do. In their Declaration of Indepen- 
dence, written by Thomas Jefferson, they proclaimed them- 
selves independent of all group-entities, declared that Na- 
ture and Nature's God had clearly made all individuals 
equally sovereign, and declared that any laws enforced by 
group action could only be made by the individuals who 
composed the group. 

The people of the United States had to fight to enforce 
their segregation from the group-entities of Europe. They 
won the fight and established a Constitution making indivi- 
dual sovereignty, as set forth in the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence, into a written Constitution that outlined the 
government's functions. 

The Constitution set austere limits on the Govern- 
ment's power. The people wanted to restore the culture 
that was their heritage. 

Because of the segregation that an ocean provided at 
that time, the people of the United States were able to 
make great progress toward forming a government that 
would implement their recaptured culture. Their success in 
doing this became conspicuous. America became known as 
the land of opportunity for those who did not like what had 
happened to them in Europe and wanted to make a new 

For almost one hundred and fifty years the people of 
the United States made spectacular strides toward recap- 
turing their individual sovereignty. The people could contin- 
ually "go west" - could segregate themselves from any con- 
trol by those trying to move the new Government toward 
mass manipulation. As open territory after open territory 
was settled, the recovering people were becoming stronger 
in their resistance to manipulation. 

But the culture of mass manipulation is a difficult 
thing to be rid of after it has once been imposed on a peo- 
ple. Brainwashing for mass manipulation had been very ef- 
fective on some who came along with those wanting to es- 
cape it. And others, who consciously wanted the culture of 
mass manipulation, infiltrated and added their conscious 
will to the direction that the Catholic Church had forceful- 
ly imposed on the brainwashed. 

The culture of mass manipulation is an accretion of 


implements and ways of using those implements that has 
been built up over more than six thousand years. Those who 
consciously want the culture preserve and add to the ac- 
cretion, while carefully dressing it up in a masquerade 
called "civilization." 

The primitive form of mass manipulation was simply a 
word controlled gang killing off those who would not will- 
ingly submit to the manipulated group's domination. 

The next form was adding the "carrots" produced by 
enforced organization to the "stick" of open force - and 
hiding open force under the tricky mask of money. 

The form that had been effective against the Northern 
Europeans was that which depended on gradual infiltration 
of individuals who lulled the people into dropping their de- 
fenses by a pretense of good will - while the infiltrators 
gained enough strength to deceitfully manipulate their un- 
suspecting hosts. This was the form that began to have its 
effect in the United States. 

The system of "pork barrel politics" began to line up 
greedy groups behind politicians who were clever at making 
underhanded "cloakroom" deals - and dressing them up in 
deceitful oratory when presenting them in congressional 
sessions open to the public. 

As this system became more widespread, government by 
underhanded conspiracies between politicians was accepted 
in Congress as the most effective way to "get things done." 
It soon became virtually impossible for an honest represen- 
tative of the people to oppose it. He was shunned as naive 
and useless by the old hands. 

At some unknown time a "cloakroom" conspiracy that 
directly opposed the Constitutional Government was 
formed. The "cloakroom" conspiracy showed its undercover 
existence - and its commitment to the mass manipulation 
from which the people of the United States were trying to 
escape - on December 23, 1913. 

On December 23t 1913 the underhanded conspiracy gave 
unmistakable evidence that it was out to destroy the Con- 
stitutional Government. It began to take control. 

On December 23t 1913 there were enough elected mem- 


bers of Congress who were either unbelievably naive or 
willing to destroy the Constitutional Government to pass 
the Federal Reserve Act. 

This Act was in direct violation of Article 1, Section 8 
of the United States Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 gave 
Congress the power - and obligation - to regulate the value 
of money. That, of course, meant to regulate the value of 
money by laws the people could see. 

The Federal Reserve Act delegated the power to regu- 
late the value of money to non-elected persons who could 
make undercover agreements with greedy groups within the 
United States and with foreign governments - and the vot- 
ing public would be helpless to control them. This "cloak- 
room M deal could have no purpose but to give a major wea- 
pon into the hands of manipulators who opposed the Con- 
stitution - and to hide the use made of that weapon from 
the people. 

A unit of money is a unit of force that belongs to the 
force-controller whose stamp is on the money. Money is the 
power of a government that can be given into the hands of 
anonymous persons. It can be given into the hands of the 
enemy of the government. The power to regulate the value 
of United States money is not less than the power to 
regulate the military might of the United States. 

The Federal Reserve Act gave future M cloakroom M deals 
power to manipulate the domestic economy - and to manip- 
ulate the power of the United States Government relative 
to other governments. 

Such an unconstitutional act was possible only because 
the people had been brainwashed to believe that the econ- 
omy obeys natural laws of supply and demand and money is 
merely M a medium of exchange. 11 

The M cloakroom M conspiracy obviously included, and 
continues to include as its major strategy planners, some 
who have a will for, a long heritage of, and an expertise in 
the deceitful form of mass manipulation. Exercise of the 
undercover power has been restrained and carefully cam- 

A twisted use of money rivals a twisted use of words 
as a tool for brainwashing and mass manipulation. 


Money that is not going to be used exclusively as an 
underhanded tool of manipulators, money that can be used 
by individuals as an honest medium of exchange, must have 
intrinsic value. That value must be known to the people. 

Also the commodity that gives value to the money must 
be something wanted by the people. The function of a 
government that is dedicated to the welfare of the people 
is to ensure that the amount of the commodity is what is 
stated on the face of the money - and that the money can 
readily be exchanged for the stated commodity. 

Whether coined gold, coined silver, a square foot of 
living space, a daily ration of food as established for the 
armed service, a bushel of wheat, or something else is used 
to give intrinsic value to the money is not the most signifi- 
cant point to be settled. 

In the United States, it is the constitutional obligation 
of Congress to regulate the value of U. S. money - by le- 
gislation that is known to the people. The people can then 
see what is happening and do what needs to be done for 
their self-protection. 

If, for example, oil, or certain minerals that are more 
abundant in other places than in the United States were 
made the basis for the value for U. S. money by Congress, 
it would immediately be apparent to the U. S. people that 
Congress, as a body, had committed an act of treason. It 
would be obvious that Congress had conspired to weaken 
the United States and make it vulnerable to attack. 

Then, if "government by the people" was a functioning 
reality, the people would arrest Congress as a body and try 
each individual for treason. 

The present unconstitutional control of U. S. money by 
the Federal Reserve System has continued only because the 
"cloakroom" deals have hidden what was happening from the 

Nothing - absolutely nothing - now backs U. S. money 
but force - the consolidated economic and military force of 
the United States. 

Money - that is backed by no commodity of intrinsic 
value to an individual - can have its value manipulated so 


completely that it gives the manipulators full contol over 
the domestic economy. And the non-elected members of the 
Federal Reserve System have been given this unconstitu- 
tional power to manipulate the value of U. S. money. 

In international relations, the value of U. S. money can 
now be secretly manipulated relative to the value of a for- 
eign government's money to improve that foreign economy 
or completely destroy it. In international relations, the act 
of regulating money - especially the money of a government 
as powerful as the United States whose money is backed by 
nothing but force - can only be construed as making an 
undercover alliance, or provoking an act of war. And the 
non-elected members of the Federal Reserve System have 
been given this undercover power to make secret alliances 
and provoke war. The Congress, the President, and the peo- 
ple of the United States are then subjected to the condi- 
tions that the undercover manipulators create. 

The United States as a nation was betrayed by those 
who passed the Federal Reserve Act, and every individual 
in the United States was enslaved to undercover manipu- 
lators by that act. 

How can a U. S. citizen exchange his money for the 
commodity that gives it value - when that commodity is 
control of the United State's total force by undercover 

He cannot readily do so. He can only make efforts in 
that direction that to many appear shameful. He can contri- 
bute to a "legal" lobby that attempts to use money to ma- 
nipulate members of Congress to vote for certain "laws." 
The lobby may be successful if the "laws" are petty ones 
that do not conflict with the manipulators' overall strategy. 
Or as an individual he can try making undercover bribes to 
law makers or law enforcers. There is no other way that a 
U. S. citizen can "cash in" his money when there is nothing 
backing it but the manipulated undercover use of pseudo- 
legal force. 

What about the international field where the force is 
the undercover manipulated force of the U. S. as a whole? 

Other governments can make "cloakroom" deals with 
the manipulators of U. S. money to have their own money 
(their own power) increased in relation to the money of the 


United States. And this is all done by the undercover 
manipulators to whom Congress betrayed the American 
people on December 23, 1913. All the people see are the 
wars that occur when the foreign governments refuse to 
bend to the will of the undercover manipulators. 

Every day the current Congress is in session and fails 
to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, it ratifies the treason- 
ous betrayal of the United States people that took place on 
December 23, 1913. 

There are many individuals in the United States who 
are fully aware of this condition. Why is it not brought to 
public attention so that the people can demand that it be 

This is prevented by a series of other unconstitutional 
Congressional actions that began in 1924. 

Radio had been invented. Because waves carrying elec- 
trical impulses are limited, there would be total chaos if 
their use were not regulated. The invention of radio requir- 
ed that the use of the air waves be considered in context 
with the constitutional prohibition on Congress against 
making laws interfering with freedom of speech. The inven- 
tion of radio obviously required action. But the First 
Amendment to the Constitution prohibited any action by 
Congress. The action required was an update of the First 
Amendment, made by due process of law, to deal with the 
new medium affecting free speech - because the existing 
First Amendment specifically forbid Congress to do what it 

Congress defied the Constitution. Congress made 
"cloakroom 11 deals and followed them up with unconstitu- 
tional "laws" designating radio stations as commercial en- 
terprises to be licensed by obsure agencies. These "cloak- 
room" deals obviously paved the way for the licensing agen- 
cies to be controlled by future "cloakroom" deals. This pro- 
vided mass manipulators, licensed as station owners, with a 
power of censorship denied to the United States Govern- 
ment, itself. The internal, undercover enemy was thereby 
given greater power than the Constitutional Government. 

When television was invented, the unconstitutional 
"laws" already on the record were extended to this far 
more effective medium. 


No matter who, even the greatest patriot, might be li- 
censed to make radio or television broadcasts under present 
"laws," the licensing and the broadcast would be unconsti- 
tutional. And it is certain that patriots are not the ones 
that the manipulators have licensed. It is glaringly conspic- 
uous that the mass manipulators who are now actually in 
control of U. S. television are opposed to the culture of 
individual sovereignty and to the Constitutional United 
States Government - the only implement of individual sov- 
ereignty that is still theoretically operative in the world 

This censorship by an enemy of the United States Gov- 
ernment over what the people hear and see amounts to con- 
trol over Congress and over the President of the United 
States. The control now exercised by these - never publicly 
recognized - internal enemies is as complete as if they 
were an armed enemy with an occupying army. 

Every attempt made by the people to "peaceably 
assemble and petition" for restoration of Constitutional 
Government has been branded "subversive" by those in con- 
trol of television - and they have managed to manipulate 
ways of silencing opposition to what they are doing. 

The undercover manipulators in control of television 
now so completely dominate the press that major news- 
papers cannot survive if they oppose them. Because they 
control television, the manipulators even control book dis- 
tribution, and book selection for libraries. 

The de facto government of the United States - the 
undercover one that manipulates the puppet Constitutional 
Government by control of money and television - is, to 
everyone but the United States citizens who are constantly 
bombarded with the manipulators' propaganda, the most 
conspicuous culture of mass manipulation that exists in the 
world today. 

As compared to mass manipulation cultures throughout 
history, this one is a new form of unprecedented virulence. 
It has taken over without its take-over being seen by the 
manipulated. And yet, its diametrical opposition to the 
Constitutional Government, to the ideals of those who 
founded the United States, to all human reason, to natural 
evolution, and to Nature's God, is shamelessly glaring. 


Because it has a more varied base to work on, the 
planned selective breeding now taking place in the United 
States is far more effective than that of the European in- 
quisitions of the middle ages. 

Those bred by and having a heritage of the individual 
sovereignty culture are so frustrated by living under a cul- 
ture of mass manipulation that they account for less than 
zero population growth. Almost no individuals who were 
bred by the culture of individual sovereignty now choose to 
immigrate and become United States citizens. Meanwhile 
the de facto government brings in, or allows to come in il- 
legally, those it can manipulate. Also the •Taws" that it 
pressures the puppet government to make encourage prolific 
breeding of the incompetent and unperceptive who can be 

All history has shown that opposing cultures cannot be 
mixed. But this is the most impressive example of that fact 
ever known. Never before has a mortal enemy taken over a 
people's government without their knowledge. 

The United States - which was founded by those bred 
for and trying to reclaim their culture of individual sov- 
ereignty - is now undergoing the most rapid human culture 
of humans for mass manipulation ever known in the whole 
history of the human species. 



Since the United States ceased to function as its Con- 
stitution prescribed, there exists no place on earth where 
the culture of individual sovereignty is now implemented by 
a recognizable government power. 

If we look only at "the way things are" it would appear 
that the culture of individual sovereignty has failed - and 
the human species is doomed to regression or extinction. 

There is more reason for hope if we look at the human 
products of three billion years of evolution who continue to 
resist the culture of mass manipulation. 

We recognize that less than a fifth of the present 
world's population was bred by the individual sovereignty 
culture. However the desire for individual sovereignty 
exists in many individuals throughout the world who have 
no history of the culture. They may not even recognize 
that any human culture of humans has ever been practiced. 
Without reference to any cultural heritage, they merely 
think of themselves as having been strong enough to resist 
mass manipulation. They see individual sovereignty as an 
innate urge, they see it as being the nature of humans - 
even as it is the nature of other living things. They simply 
think that Nature has been perverted by mass manipulators. 
They would welcome the opportunity to participate in any 
feasible action to eliminate the practices of the manipula- 

All of us who perceive the significance of our individ- 
ual sovereignty cultural heritage recognize that the entire 
human species is now being bred for such complete lack of 
perception, and such complete acceptence of group-entities 
as "the way things are," that it appears to be passing the 
point of no return. 

Both the Oriental and the Western systems have be- 
come fully effective, full blown human cultures of humans. 
Both now selectively breed for zombis that can be manipu- 


The control of the people within the areas dominated 
by each system is now complete. Now the focus is on which 
system can demonstrate its "superiority" by extending its 
area of control. 

Both have now adopted the same language for use in 
combination with force. Both use modern meaningless word 
replacements for "destroying the wicked and the evildoers 
that the strong harm not the weak." In the Western system, 
the war cry is "our democracy against communism." In the 
Oriental system the war cry is "our democracy against 
capitalistic imperialism." "Demoncracy," in both systems, is 
merely an illusion that the manipulated people are still 
individuals making their own choices. This illusion is main- 
tained by herding them to polling booths where they cast 
votes for one of the tweedle-dee tweedle-dum choices that 
the manipulators allow them make. 

What is the real difference between the current sys- 
tems of mass manipulation that the manipulators are now 
pitting against each other? 

Because mass manipulators in the Western World have 
had six thousand years of using carrots along with the 
stick, and because they have been able to enslave and use 
the abilities of a people bred for individual sovereignty, the 
"standard of living" has been higher in the West. 

However the basic difference is this: 

In the Orient, mass force is seen for what it is. 

In the West, mass force was originally camouflaged as 
"the will of god." Now those Western manipulators who have 
a heritage of conquest by deceit are intoxicated with their 
demonstrated success in camouflaging raw force under the 
cover of money. 

This undercover use of force makes it possible for them 
to continue the same language of twisted words about "thou 
shalt not kill" that originally confused and led the individ- 
ual sovereignty people to kill off each other. Destroying 
those who are consciously committed to the culture of indi- 
vidual sovereignty is their major objective. World Wars I 
and 11, into which they manipulated the individual sover- 
eignty people, did much to accomplish this. The use they 
make of money, television, and compulsory "education" is 


clear evidence that they want to continue manipulating in- 
dividual sovereignty people to fight and kill other individual 
sovereignty people until all who oppose mass manipulation 
have been bred out of the human species. 

Never in history has open, recognizable force destroyed 
a functioning culture of individual sovereignty. As describ- 
ed in the Siegfried legend, those committed to this culture 
are vulnerable only at a spot on their backs not touched by 
the dragon's blood in which they bathed. Their comradeship 
and love, born of their relationships exclusively with each 
other, leave them vulnerable to an enemy who has not de- 
clared himself as such - and who bears no visible weapon. 

Originally the individual sovereignty people were under 
pressure from two sides. But they never fell before mass 
force. They demonstrated to the whole world that sovereign 
individuals can effectively resist open, recognizable force. 

Their culture remained fully functional east of the 
Rhine and north of the Danube Rivers - even while the 
Romans set against their borders at least half of all the 
legions they could muster within the most formidable em- 
pire of manipulated masses the West had ever known. The 
culture of individual sovereignty, which always expands 
rapidly under conditions favoring individual perception and 
an open appeal to reason, was never overcome by force 
that was open and honest. Only an undefended area where 
the individual sovereignty people could be knifed in the 
back has made possible what has happened. 

The original Northern European individual sovereignty 
society fell to lies and deceit of enemies who were eager 
to show that their hands were empty of recognizable wea- 

The same pattern was evident when the people of the 
United States, unconquered by the force of a recognizable 
and declared enemy, fell before mass manipulators who 
falsified their allegiance to the Constitutional Government 
and took control as deceitful infiltrators building a network 
that bored from within. 

When considering strategy, it is therefore fitting that 
we focus our view of current conditions on the mass manip- 
ulators whose own strategy of battle relies on infiltration, 
lies, and deceit that provoke others to fight among them- 


selves while they, the actual enemies, carry no visible wea- 
pons. Because, more than those of the opposing culture, we 
have bred the capacity for comradeship and love to an ex- 
tremely high degree, we are slow to recognize that an 
enemy "can smile and smile and be a villian still." 

If the culture of mass manipulation passes the point of 
no return, it will make little difference whether it was the 
one that had its origin in the Orient or in the West. The 
only real advantage of now being in the West is that there 
are some of us who remember and cherish our heritage of 
being bred by a successful, functioning, adequately defend- 
ed culture of individual sovereignty. We know our aspira- 
tions are not the dreams of an impractical Utopia. We know 
a culture of individual sovereignty can work and if it were 
worldwide there would be no more mass warfare. 

Even in the middle of manipulated mass madness, we 
retain some measure of our innate perception. We know 
that our culture was Nature's way. In Nature, we know that 
we have an ally that will continue the ideals and direction 
to which we are committed - even if it requires replacing 
the whole human species with another form of life. 

Our sanity, as we view all the manipulated forces that 
stand against us, requires conscious and continuous aware- 
ness that "Nature and Nature's God" are here to stay. Evo- 
lution, the method of Nature that created us, is here to 
stay. The human species continues from the plateau of sex- 
ual beings, with a sex based perception, or it regresses and 
its individuals become parts of an asexual group-entity. 

If an asexual "will to power" is used to create group- 
entities, then mass warfare - with the most effective wea- 
pons human ingenuity can devise - is inevitable. But this 
replacement of sovereign individuals with group-entities 
will not be "victory over nature." The human species will 
be replaced by a species more fitted to do what the indi- 
vidual sovereignty people tried so valiantly to accomplish. 

What can be the nature of the manipulators that are 
now pushing the human species back toward the way of life 
passed by evolving living things more than six hundred mil- 
lion years ago? 

If we want to be generous, we can assume that the 
mass manipulators lack knowledge regarding the overall ef- 


feet of their actions. We can assume that they have merely 
become involved in a game and think there is a prize called 
M a position of power/ 1 We can assume that they do not 
know how greatly they are degrading and destroying the 
quality of life when they present sex as nothing more than 
a source of sensual enjoyment - as eating food is to an 
asexual animal. We can assume that they don't know what 
is happening to innate creative perception when life is pre- 
sented as a game of acquiring the assembly line products of 
"civilization." We can assume they do not recognize that 
"achieving a position of power" within a group-entity is 
becoming a part of an organism that evolution surpassed six 
hundred million years ago - the asexual entity. 

Perhaps we make a mistake if we seek to be generous 
and regard the manipulators as ''decent human beings who 
are just stupid," Perhaps the monstrosity of what they are 
doing is too great for us to believe that it comes from 
human will. 

True, the total monstrosity is a cultural accretion of 
individual human wills - but those who carry it on are con- 
stantly adding to it. As individuals they may "smile and 
smile," and thereby tempt us to accept them as harmless, 
but it is by their fruits that we must know them. The fruits 
of what they have done and are doing show a superficial 
cleverness that proclaims their objective of "victory over 
nature" is not set forth with total ignorance of that objec- 
tive's scope and monstrosity. They have concentrated on 
Nature's obstacle to what they are doing - sex. 

Centuries ago the manipulators successfully used sexual 
relations to enhance the "authority" of the group entity 
over individuals. They encouraged the manipulated masses 
to stone to death anyone who did not submit to the group's 
"right" to "authorize" sexual relations. 

When the manipulated group ceased to stone to death 
those who showed no respect for the group-entity's 
arrogated "right" to "authorize" individual sexual relations, 
the manipulators began to destroy respect for sex, itself. 
They actively promoted homosexuality and perversion. 

In their attempts to present sex as nothing more than a 
source of sensual enjoyment, as eating food is to an asexual 
animal, they promoted the misuse of the very word "sex." In 
current use it has been changed to mean "sexual relations." 


That leaves no word for a development that has been the 
major focus of evolution for six hundred million years of 
trial and error. 

Sex is not M sexual relations." Sex is a plateau of 
evolution that needs to be seen as such. The ecstasy and 
subtle perception, that selective evolution has at last 
woven into sexual beings, leads one to the joyful perception 
of the direction and wonder of Nature that works 
underneath consciousness in all living things. 

Because the plateau of sex evolved delicate perception, 
humans began to consciously recognize that wonder under- 
neath consciousness at work wherever they saw it manifest 
in Nature. They perceived it within themselves and without. 
They saw it in the light. They saw it in the darkness. Each 
small human could thrill to the tallness of a pine tree, 
relax one's being into the fragrance of a rose, expand with 
joy before the glorious color of a sunrise, and weep before 
the beauty of the stars. Then, at last, each small conscious 
human began to glimpse the awe-inspiring privilege of his 
place as a direct interacting part of the grand totality. 

The manipulators appear to clearly recognize that the 
perception arising from leaving sexual discrimination where 
Nature placed it - in the conscious-subconscious thoughts of 
the individual - is something that must be destroyed one 
way or another. Their history-old objective is monstrous 
beyond acceptance by anyone we can consider a sane 
person. But although, instead of being locked in insane 
asylums, they smile and profess beneficent objectives, we 
can still recognize the psychotic suicidal maliciousness that 
wills: 'If we cannot have our 'positions of power* we will 
drag the entire human species into the pit with us rather 
than admit our falsity." 

Some of us see with painful clearness the march of 
madness over individual sovereignty that is upheld, by those 
who mouth phrases supplied by the manipulators, as "the 
triumph of civilization over barbarism." 

Most painful of the things we now watch, in line with 
the manipulated objective of "victory over nature," is the 
selective breeding for lack of perception so that massed 
humans can be more easily manipulated. 

While the selective breeding is still incomplete, while 


all perception has not yet been entirely bred out, the view 
of another spectacle causes us pain. The continuing culture 
of mass manipulation requires that even the remaining ves- 
tige of perception be made non-functional by brainwashing. 
The methods vary but susceptibility to manipulation is 
always the goal that the manipulators seek to "achieve." 

The original Oriental form of brainwashing was expres- 
sed by Laotze, founder of Taoism, about twenty-six hundred 
years ago in these words: " The sage, in the exercise of 
government, empties the people's minds, fills their bellies f 
w eakens their wills, strengthens their bones. He constantly 
tries to keep them without knowledge and without desire , 
and where there are those who have knowledge, to keep/ 
" them from presuming to act on it. Where there is th is aDsti-^ 
nence from act ion, good order is universal" 

The original Western form of brainwashing was to fill 
the people's minds so full of lies about man-invented gods 
that any remaining perception of those bred for lack of 
perception was overruled with words. 

The present method in the West is "education" and en- 
tertainment - the attempt to fill minds so full of inconse- 
quential pap passing for information that the manipulated 
cannot sweep it away and view themselves and their rela- 
tion to the world in anything approaching clear perspective. 
Red herrings are dragged across every significant thought 
by manipulators before it reaches consideration by the 
media-controlled public. 

For instance: The major concern of most people today 
is mass warfare and the impressive weapons that have been 
created for that purpose. ^Several writers, popular enough 
to b e interviewed on televiion, have made the point tha t, 
ot a ii~The mi llions of sp ecies of life known to science, orily^ 
humans jindjth e "social" insects engage in mass warfareT 
This observed fact is crowded out by a flood of other fact- 
ual information - before the profound significance of it can 
be perceived. 

The two forms of brainwashing - emptying people's 
minds, or filling them so full that there is no room for their 
innate perception to surface - appear equally effective as 
methods for mass manipulation. Both systems result in pre- 
venting the individual from relating objective perception to 
the aboriginal creative consciousness within - as a basis for 


viewing total reality in clear perspective. Direct relation- 
ship between the individual and total reality must be des- 
troyed before the individual can accept relationship with 
the group-entity as having top priority. Which system can 
give worldwide control by most effectively "accomplishing" 
this is the only concern of the manipulators who now pit 
against each other the Oriental and Western systems of 

What opinion might we expect of the current problem 
of humans on earth if we imagined ourselves viewed by a 
"more advanced" people on another planet, or by a people 
of another dimension living among us, or simply by some 
among us who have allowed the perspective of the aborigi- 
nal creative intelligence to permeate their beings? Imagine 
what they would say: 

Objective observer: "Three billion years of evolution 
has produced humans as a species of the most promising 
potential to be found anywhere in the universe. In the re- 
gressive insects they have before them the clear picture of 
what will happen to them if they continue their present 
direction. And still they continue." 

Concerned observer: "1 don't like the destiny that 
looms before them. Can't they see that destiny as it is set 
out before them in the world of reality - in the living lan- 
guage of the aboriginal creative consciousness?" 

Objective observer: "They see in a clouded detached 
fashion without making a connection between what they see 
and what they are doing. Their minds are too full of gar- 
bage to see anything clearly. They obviously know that 
they are opposing natural evolution. But in World War II 
they killed off fifty million of their fittest young men - 
even while seeking ways to preserve the deformed and in- 
competent. They call human life sacred and profane its 
quality in order to preserve no more than a beating heart 
and some semblance of food digestion. They see the termite 
female turned into an egg laying factory, a helpless thing 
several hundred times the size of an ordinary termite, at- 
tended by de-sexed individuals who make "test-tube" modi- 
fications to produce the functional types needed by the 
group-entity - and they find it repulsive. But one of their 
entertainment producers, Aldous Huxley, describes the same 


condition as being that toward which the human species is 
rapidly moving. With a supercilious smile he titles the des- 
cription "Brave New World" and they merely find the pic- 
ture amusing. They fail to see that they, themselves, have 
been going through the termite, and the "Brave New World," 
de-sexing process throughout all the history of their mass 
manipulation culture. That culture has bred such lack of 
perception that they reject reality and choose the titilla- 
tion of drugs or word-confused thought." 

Concerned observer: "Potentially they are a very fine 
species; it is even difficult to imagine how the best of 
them could be more fittingly developed toward becoming 
diverse interacting facets of the aboriginal creative intel- 
ligence. Can you visualize no destiny for them in the ex- 
tant design of being but for the whole species to become 
extinct by group-entity fighting group-entity with the 
powerful weapons of mass warfare they have invented?" 

Objective observer: "Enough of them could survive 
total warfare to continue the species but whether its con- 
tinuation would be worthwhile is problematical. They have 
been so completely conditioned to think that group-entities 
are essential to survival that they would probably repeat 
their history all over again." 

Concerned observer: "1 hate to think of them becoming 
extinct. But that, 1 admit, would be preferable to their suc- 
cess in the direction they are going - recreating the asex- 
ual group-entity after the fashion of the insects. I'd like to 
think that the present total world domination of the mass 
manipulation culture could act as a fire that burned out the 
dross - and those who survived the experience would be so 
strengthed that they could never again be manipulated, and 
would be too wise to try to manipulate others." 

Objective observer: "That well might happen, if you are 
not contemplating a unique accident by which a devastating 
atomic war would somehow preserve selected individuals. 
Individual will is the direction determining essence of, and 
reason for, all living things. Those who lack the perception 
to reject the culture of mass manipulation are dross that 
are better drained from the stream of evolution. Only those 
who throw the full weight of their force, or will, for indi- 
vidual integrity are fit brands for a continuing life segre- 
gated from the burning." 





The Valorian Society is a non-profit corporation for the 
purpose of public education. The corporation organizes the 
study, preparation, and distribution of varied informative, 
literary, and art works, along with specific works for adult 
discussion groups, and child education. 

The Society is oriented on the culture of individual 
sovereignty. Some members were already committed to a 
"dress rehearsal for the culture of individual sovereignty" 
before the corporation was formed. These members have 
provided much of the driving force and creative work be- 
hind the Society's accomplishments. 

The "dress rehearsal 11 is a day to day way of life dif- 
ferent from that enforced on everyone in the culture of 
mass manipulation. This day to day simulated individual sov- 
ereignty provides concrete examples to children of inter- 
personal relationships that are more in harmony with their 
innate impulses than what they could see, and hear advo- 
cated, in the world of manipulated masses. Such examples 
form a conspicuous contrast to present conditions in the 
outside world. The contrast stimulates perceptive thought, 
leads to intelligent questions, and provides a basis for ex- 
plaining to children how people developed the - presently 
worldwide - mass madness that is the problem of the human 

"Dress rehearsal" is the nearest approach to a culture 
of individual sovereignty that can now be practiced - even 
in the Western "free world." The Constitution established 
the United States as a government to defend sovereign indi- 
viduals from group-entities promoting the culture of mass 
manipulation, but it no longer functions in this respect. The 



enemies of individual sovereignty within the United States 
began their first unmistakable attempt to destroy the 
United States Government about seventy years ago, as de- 
tailed in our work "Human History." They pressured Con- 
gress into making "laws" exceeding its Constitutional 
authority. These "laws" funneled power into the hands of 
the manipulators and enabled them to use that power with- 
out the public becoming aware of what was happening. 
These internal enemies of the United States now have as 
much control as if they had full support from an occupying 

The manipulators who have this control over the United 
States are committed to the culture that is in mortal op- 
position to the individual sovereignty culture. They want no 
public awareness that the culture they are trying to des- 
troy exists or ever did exist. They do not want a "dress 
rehearsal" example. They do not want any awareness of 
cultural conflict injected into their manipulative "educa- 
tion" of children. And they do not want public awareness of 
the cultural conflict stimulated by open public adult discus- 

The Valorian Society and all those engaged in the 
associated "dress rehearsal" fully support and conform to 
the Constitutional laws of the United States. Believing that 
confrontation on any point less than the total issue plays 
into the enemy's hands, we also conform to all the uncon- 
stitutional 'laws" that Congress has been pressured to put 
on record. 

Because the Valorian Society is legally incorporated as 
a non-profit educational society, and its recorded purpose 
of public education requires free speech and free press, the 
unconstitutional "laws" that provide a method for censor- 
ship by an enemy controlling the United States are ex- 
tremely irksome. However, our strategy is to obey even the 
inch-by-inch 'laws" that chip away at the world's last gov- 
ernment committed to individual sovereignty - until the 
Constitutional Government can be fully restored. 

Because the controlling enemy does not yet feel con- 
fident to openly challenge the Constitution of the United 
States as a whole, we sovereign individuals who live in the 
United States and fully support the Constitution have only 
one formidable problem. It is a problem that we share with 
sovereign individuals throughout the world. This shared pro- 


blem stimulates our empathy for those in areas where the 
ones committed to mass manipulation are already the 
official government. 

Since the United States fell under control of its ene- 
mies, there is nowhere in the world where sovereign indi- 
viduals are not simply prisoners of a single "one world 11 
enemy. The whole world has become one planetary prison 
camp run by those committed to the culture of mass manip- 

This anti- Nature, anti-reason condition is so ridiculous 
that passive acceptance of it would insult our intelligence. 
Can a clear look at the facts fail to insult the intelligence 
of any person with perception? The facts are so few and 
simple that the ridiculousness of the condition should be 
glaringly conspicuous. 

The culture of mass manipulation has been selectively 
breeding humans who would accept life as mere units of a 
controlled group-entity for perhaps 15t000 years. However, 
this is only l/40,000th of the time that natural selection 
bred all living things for perceptive awareness of their in- 
dividual sovereignty. The humans who retain the conscious 
will to individual sovereignty doubtless still account for 
well over half the world population. And those who are 
consciously committed to the culture of mass manipulation, 
even under governments that openly advocate communism, 
almost certainly amount to less than ten percent of those 
over whom they exercise control. Even if we ignore the 
zombis that the culture of mass manipulation has already 
selectively bred, the control of individual sovereigns by less 
than one fifth their number of mass manipulators is too 
ridiculous for passive acceptance. 

But such control is an undeniable current fact that 
must be admitted before considering what can be done 
about it. 

The first problem that we, who are committed sover- 
eign individuals, must face is the problem that always faces 
prisoners - communication with each other, when those who 
hold them prisoners live in constant fear that communica- 
tion will lead to cooperative action. 

The fact that we sovereign individuals - particularly 
when we live in the "free" Western World - have the com- 


munication problem typical of prisoners is a seemingly ri- 
diculous thing to admit - even when the undeniable fact is 
constantly before us. 

Most of us move about freely and talk freely. The pre- 
sent restraint on communication is something different from 
that known in conventional prison camps. We are not only 
permitted to talk. We are prompted and encouraged to talk. 
This total reversal camouflages the fact that ours is the 
age-old problem of prisoners. 

Instead of the conventionally enforced silence, the ene- 
my's current method of stopping communication is based on 
confusion. We are permitted and encouraged to say anything 
that creates or adds to the confused babble. The censorship 
consists not of stopping talk but of twisting or drowning 
out anything significant that is said. 

If sovereign individual prisoners say anything signifi- 
cant, the manipulators controlling the media will twist it if 
they can, and drown it out if they cannot twist it into 
something that, by unreasoned association, implies discredit 
on individual sovereignty or those advocating it. Insig- 
nifcant babble, used to create confusion and swallow up 
anything significant, is a weapon used in connection with 
the controlled media to accomplish this unique form of 

In most areas of the worldwide prison, individuals can 
talk. But selection of what will actually be heard by a 
sizeable public is under control of those committed to the 
culture of mass manipulation. 

In the United States, the Constitution prohibits the 
Constitutional Government from abridging freedom of 
speech. But the manipulators who have a control of the 
media denied to the Government are not the Constitutional 
Government. They would merely laugh at any petition for a 
redress of grievances. They see the U. S. Government as 
being nothing but their puppet. They think of themselves as 
being above the Government. 

The Valorian Society recognizes the stated condition 
but does not accept it passively. For over fifteen years we 
have created and distributed brochures and books on the 
various aspects of our worldwide problem that add up to 
significant communication. The active response and rapid 


extension of communication lines has been extremely grati- 

Also, we have discovered that, in the United States, 
where the manipulators are not yet quite ready to chal- 
lenge the Constitution as a whole, we can simulate a desir- 
able life as sovereign individuals - if we refuse to be taken 
in by the efforts our enemies make to give our "dress re- 
hearsal" some "well deserved publicity" - their kind. We 
encourage others to follow our example. 

Those who are c o nsciously committed to the culture of 
individ ual sovereignty, an a nave sufficient friends so com- 
mitrefl""""to provide a social group or a size thai all tincf 
satisractory, can find simulation of individual sovereig nty"* 
highly rewarding. The social group may consist of only two 
persons, a single family, or a fairly large number of individ- 
uals held together socially, economically and/or by location. 
The location may be within a city, in a secluded rural area, 
or anywhere. In the United States there are a variety of 
legal forms that such a group can use to enhance its func- 
tional efficacy. In many other countries the difficulties are 
greater. But, even so, a "dress rehearsal" for individual 
sovereignty is worth a substantial risk. 

John Harland's book, "Brave New World, A Different 
Projection," describes a small self-sustaining "dress rehear- 
sal" group in an isolated valley that has very limited con- 
tact with the outside world. Jill von Konen's "Camp 38" is 
a fictional projection of an inconspicuous group of sub- 
stantial size that is dedicated to a fully functioning culture 
of individual sovereignty. Both writers are members of the 
Valorian Society. 

All members of the Valorian Society have found that 
separation between a simulated world of individual sover- 
eignty and the world controlled by the mass manipulators 
helps us keep the problem in focus. The central core of the 
Valorian Society is continuing a "dress rehearsal" segrega- 
tion as an aid to further refinement of communication ma- 
terials. There is still much to be done by us and by others 
who are also working at the same task. The soundest of 
materials are essential when we move into the public arena, 
where the enemy's stategy of battle is "confuse the issue." 

In cooperation with the American Christian Church and 
the Perceptive Baptist Church, the Valorian Society spon- 


sors the Individual Sovereignty Society. The ISS is actively 
implementing a specific, precisely set forth, strategy for 
restoring Constitutional Government in the United States. 

A member of the Valorian Society, Erik Holden, wrote 
the incisive comments bound with the "American Christian 
Bible," by Thomas Jefferson. This is the edition of the 
so-called Jefferson Bible that is used by the American 
Christian Church and the Perceptive Baptist Church. These 
churches are primarily concerned with turning the stampede 
of the anti-Christ "Christians," who have played into the 
hands of the mass manipulators. Those who are aware of 
the harm being done by the good intentions ot these anti- 
Christ "Christians," and who have a basis of empathy with 
them, may find this a fertile field for active work. 

There is an enormous open field for public presentation 
- to a live audience - of fully organized ideas that would 
turn the stampede of those brainwashed to accept the ma- 
nipulators' propaganda that they call "the consensus of 
scientific opinion." 

We have found that open discussions focusing on a spe- 
cific significant written work - and kept in focus by host- 
leaders who ask questions without making comments - can 
be very effective. They do more than merely stimulate 
public thought. They also enable perceptive persons to 
distinguish between enemies, zombies, and potential friends. 
By doing this they provide a basis for forming desirable 
relationships. The Valorian Society makes plans and 
provides materials for such discussions. 

The preparation of books and materials for sound edu- 
cation of children is a wide open field that needs entry 
from those competent to do this highly important work. The 
Valorian Society wants to move into this field but we re- 
cognize that any substantial change will require several 
generations to correct the harm done by the mass manipula- 
tors. At present attractive pictures are necessary to com- 
pete with the glossy materials the mass manipulators now 
buy with the enormous tax funds they obtain for "educa- 
tion." Because we do not have artists who want to draw 
competitive pictures, nor money to publish books of compe- 
titive glossiness, we are currently not giving this work the 
priority we think it merits. "Camp 38" contains a section 
that sets forth our current concept concerning sound edu- 
cation of children. 


Removing children from the enemy-controlled schools 
that brainwash them for mass manipulation is the ultimate 
problem. The best of teachers become helpless if they must 
submit themselves to the existing system. 

For the present, all sovereign individuals who are un- 
able to educate their own children have the problem of 
finding some alternative to giving their children over to 
schools that brainwash them - whether the manipulators use 
words purportedly coming from a man-invented god, or the 
manipulative dogmas that they call "the consensus of 
scientific opinion." 

The Valorian Society currently makes its major public 
appeal to perceptive adults. But neither we, nor any of the 
other sovereign individual groups that work outside the 
twisting influence of the mass media, have been able to 
make full use of all the opportunities. Some new ones cure 
just now opening up. 

The current facilities widely distributing video tapes 
for home viewing make it possible to use a new field of 
communication outside the censorship by the manipulators 
who control television broadcasts. 

The rationally and emotionally improved lifestyle under 
the culture of individual sovereignty has never been set 
forth on the screen - either as a fictional possibility or as 
a historically accurate presentation. This shows that, des- 
pite each individual mass manipulator's greed for money, 
and the urgent need the whole industry has for new and 
different TV programs to satisfy the insatiable demand, the 
policy-making enemies of the United States are so fanati- 
cally committed to mass manipulation that they allow 
nothing favoring individual sovereignty to appear on TV 
broadcasts. Sovereign individuals, who have skills in the 
video field, now have an opportunity of unprecedented pos- 
sibilities for clear, powerful communication. 

There is hope for a glorious dawn in a near tomorrow 
if we of the Valorian Society, and others working in the 
same direction, can fully succeed in establishing effective 
communication between sovereign individuals. 



Dedicated to Individual Sovereignty 

Sovereign Press proudly offers the following books by 
members of the Valorian Society. 

The "American Christian Bible," extracted by Thomas 
Jefferson is included because it contains comprehensive 
comments by the Valorian Society member, Erik Holden. 

The total body of the works here offered adds up to an 
organized attempt to communicate with those isolated 
individuals, and already established groups, who want to 
reclaim their innate individual sovereignty. These works 
present the results of extensive analysis, together with the 
Valorian Society's view of what actions can, and cannot, be 
effective in reaching a solution to the history-old human 

To indicate the scope of this carefully organized 
approach, we have included the Valorian Society's plan for 
discussion groups - divided according to the way the 
participants choose to approach the problem that now faces 
the human species. 

SOVEREIGN PRESS, 326 Harris Rd., Rochester, WA 98579 U.S.A. 



plan for 

public education 

in individual sovereignty 









Oriented on participants who 
reject "authoritative*" wnrris 

Oriented on participants who ai 


from "go 


i ' 






Stimulate recovery from 

historical brainwashing. Develop 

(1) Continuing leaders for group 

discussions (2) Lecturers, and 

(3) Action leaders. 


American Christian Church 
Founder: Erik Holden 

Historical orientation: 

Early Northern European Culture 

Teachings of Jesus 

Thomas Jefferson 



Educate "Christians" and thoj 

Christianity as perceived by Thor 

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Restored Constitutional United States Goven 


I World-wide expanc 

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Current discussion 

Material being 

|Future development 





e concerned with "Christianity." 

Oriented on participants who 
already want the culture of 



individual sovereignty. 

Perceptive Baptist Church 
Founder: Roger Williams 

Historical orientation: 
Teachings of Jesus 
Thomas Jefferson 



CAMP 38 



e of "Christian" heritage in real 
nas Jefferson: Dedication of Jesus 
position of Jesus to theocracy; 
gmas that are implements for 
ing masses. 

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Develop lifestyles and 

educational methods that are 

more advanced than public 



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Open cooperation 

ling culture of individual sovereignty 



to*WM«rauii»to«i4»t., . 



/.''.'■; by John 



144 pages 

84170 BRAVE NEW WORLD, A Different Projection. John Harland. 

A rebel of the sixties generation has now matured and 
found words for his thoughts. In San Francisco John Har- 
land, at nineteen, and an eighteen year old runaway, named 
Jill, joined forces to create a new world. 

Along with his examination of various lifestyles he and 
Jill explored, he examines what's wrong with the establish- 
ment, with emphasis on manipulation by word conditioning, 
and looks at many well known doomsday books, such as Hux- 
ley's M Brave New World, 11 Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-four," 
and Zamyatin's M We. M Harland may not be voicing the con- 
sensus thoughts of the sixties rebels but his world is start- 
lingly new - and exclusively for the brave. Suitable for 

classroom discussion. 
Permanent quality 5x8 paperback $5.00 

Recommended for library purchase by BOOKLIST. See full 
review in BOOKLIST 9-15-78. 

Excerpt from newspaper review: 

M As I predicted, the brighter lights of the rebellion of the 
sixties would only show their colors after the hubbub sub- 

- Burton Frye, REGIONAL NEWS, Lake Geneva, Wis. 




208 pages 




84197 CAMP 38. Jill von Konen. 

This is the Jill of John Harland's "Brave New World.' 1 
After several years of living in a "full dress rehearsal for a 
culture of individual sovereignty," and discussing with 
everyone involved the possibility of having a real, fully ef- 
fective culture in the present world, Jill presents a detail- 
ed, fictional picture of such a possibility. This projection of 
the most desirable life everyone participating in the "dress 
rehearsal" could imagine turned out to be what every frag- 
ment left of their history points to as being the actual 
practices and ideals of the early Northern Europeans. The 
"dress rehearsal" people then realized that what they were 
considering was not the usual, wild dream, pie-in-the-sky 
Utopia. Their dream world was actually a current model of 
Northern European lifestyle before "Christianity." So, with- 
out making an issue of the distinction between real Christ- 
ianity and what was promoted by the Catholic Church, Jill 
gave "Camp 38" a subtitle calling attention to this fact. 

Her invented story covers the detailed day-to-day life 
under an imaginary full scale culture of the sort visualized 
by the secluded Valorian Society groups. Strangely enough, 
this yearned-for Camp 38, which now has to be only a 
dream, could have been a state, fully supporting and sup- 
ported by the United States Constitution. If the Constitu- 
tion were still functioning and some Federal land were 
made available, Camp 38 could be a realized dream even 
now. It is an extremely interesting idea on which to orient. 
Permanent quality 5x8 paperback $6.00 








$5.00 paper 

$9.00 hardcover 

H4 pages 

79111 THE RING CYCLE. Melvin Gorham. 

This original work projects into the 21st century the 
age-old conflict of youths and lovers battling against the 
entrenched manipulators of public power. Hunding is por- 
trayed as an official in the police-state of FAFNER, and 
the Valkyries are plane pilots who rescue wounded heroes 
from battle and take them to the individual sovereigns' 
haven in Valhalla. Brunnhilde, Chief of the Valkyries, chal- 
lenges the authority of Wotan, the sovereigns' leader, when 
she attempts to aid Siegmund. The adaption to the 21st cen- 
tury setting makes an interesting background for Gorham's 
continuous story based on the plots of Wagner's "Die Wal- 
kure, M "Siegfried," and "Gotterdammerung," all of which he 
follows closely. This will have special appeal for those in- 
terested in interpretations of the Ring operas. But none 
can fail to be caught up in the powerful dramatic material. 
This clear portrayal of the spirit permeating the Northern 
Europeans of prehistory opens the door on a whole new 
world where instinct and culture are in full agreement. 
79111 Hardcover $9.00 

79103 Permanent quality 5x8 paperback $5.00 

The first section, "The Valkyrie," had previous limited 
distribution in manuscript format for play production. This 
had a full review in LIBRARY JOURNAL 6-16-76 from 
which the following is quoted: 

"Recommended for university theater departments or 
those seeking a play with potential for experimental 

- Susan F. Curtis, LIBRARY JOURNAL 




128 pages 





Together with 

•\ Nr» ItrrUraliooof IsdepeadeM* 

f.w Tadat \ Amrriranv by Krik HoMen 

82146 AMERICAN CHRISTIAN BIBLE, extracted by Thomas Jefferson. 

In 1904 Congress ordered the U. S. printing office to 
print 9,000 copies of the so-called Jefferson Bible for the 
use of Congress. These have largely disappeared and the 
work has been supressed. The reason for this is important 
to every American. 

Jefferson, who wrote into the Declaration of Indepen- 
dence that governments derive their just powers from the 
governed, also wrote to Charles Thomson on January 9, 
1816, "I am a real Christian." Seeking greatest Biblical ac- 
curacy, he compared Greek, Latin, French, and English ver- 
sions and used scissors to cut away the theocratic injec- 
tions that the 325 A. D. Council of Nice overlaid upon the 
teachings of Jesus. Theocratic Catholics and Jews have 
worked to suppress this Bible of a real Christian. Examina- 
tion of Jefferson's views on Christianity draws attention to 
the fact that the Declaration of Independence, on which 
the United States was founded, clearly states rejection of 

This book contains a reproduced photocopy of Jeffer- 
son's work, along with an up-to-the-minute examination by 
Erik Holden of Christianity, biological development, and the 
all important relationship between religion, state, and indi- 
vidual sovereignty. 
Permanent quality 5x8 paperback $5.00 




2% pages 

62012 THE PAGAN BIBLE. Melvin Gotham. 

"Pagan" originally designated one who would not conform 
to the state religion of Rome. Later the word was used to 
point out - in attempted derision - one who would not con- 
form to any of the currently popular religions around the 
Mediterranean: Official Roman "Christianity, 11 Judaism, and 

Accepting the challenge implied in the historical meaning 
of the word, Gorham examines all major religions of the 
world from the Pagan perspective. The examination sears 
more often than it praises but the end result is not a bar- 
ren waste. From the seeming ruin, the ghost of a Pagan, 
who has endured generations of cloyingly benevolent group 
rule, rises up in heroic stature to demand a new incarna- 

The work arranges known realities into a conceptual 
framework that appeals to one who says "1 am," "1 per- 
ceive," and "1 will." It shows that a fully conscious Pagan 
can find a way of life as far evolved beyond the institu- 
tional religions as the highest man is evolved beyond the 
most primitive organism of the Paleozoic slime. This is not 
a book for everyone, but the perceptive reader will arrive 
at a new plateau where a human individual has fully under- 
standable meaning with relation to the total universe - and 
the total universe also has clear meaning. 
Hardcover, 296 pages $5.00 




128 pages 



From the Valorian Society 

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY. From the Valorian Society. 

This unusual book first sets forth an imaginary campfire 
conference of people with varied pasts who are seeking to 
form a totally new human relationship based on a new mor- 
ality. It presents a view of individualism and the prospect 
for social cooperation as it might appear after passing 
through the fire of compulsory groupism. 

Then it presents actual excerpts from the published - 
and quickly withdrawn from circulation - book by the "Old 
Man" who formed the alternative society described by John 
Harland's "Brave New World, A Different Projection." The 
excerpts include the exact wording for Agreements between 
Sovereign Individuals. 

All who want to take part in any society or government 
seeking to be an alternative to the usual power structure 
of manipulated masses need to consider the ideas presented 
here. The facts and ideas here presented clarify the mud- 
died ideological thoughts involved in most discussions of 
individualism versus "the greatest good for the greatest 
Permanent quality paperback 5x8 $5.00 




128 pages 


Gorham examines the life-direction pointed by evolution- 
ary development and inherited memory, with special atten- 
tion to the meaning of sex. He carefully defines (1) Time 
(2) Space (3) Matter (4) Life (5) Sex (6) Man, and posits M an 
ultimate frame of reference" for total reality. 

After looking with new eyes at reality unencumbered by 
cultural trimmings, he considers governmeuts* He sees most 
governments as surrogate parents that promote the anti- 
nature culture of mass manipulation. The history-old con- 
tinuity of the oppressive practice suggests hopelessness. 
Then an opening is revealed which shows that a government 
can be the implement of all nature, and of nature's man, 
joined in one action. This is not a Utopian dream of the 
future. It is a clear possibility and he presents a plan for 
immediate action. 
Permanent quality 5x8 paperback $5.00 

SOVEREIGN PRESS, 326 Harris Road, Rochester, WA 98579 U.S.A. 


$5.00 paper 

$9.00 hardcover 

120 pages 

81138 WORD CONTROLLED HUMANS, A Brief History. John Harland. 

Brief and crystal clear, this would be an admirable 
basic work before any other history is studied in the 
schools. The two major conflicting concepts of how life 
should be lived are described as cultural directions that 
came into conflict before that conflict reached a climax in 
the teachings and crucifixion of Jesus. The Holy Roman 
Church's use of a false Christianity to promote a theocracy 
is sharply portrayed as the destroyer of both the teachings 
of Jesus and the Northern European cultural direction. 

Then the American attempt to regain our cultural heri- 
tage of individual integrity is examined. The two hundred 
year long losing battle is covered from the perspective of 
religion, government, and money. Expanding to the world- 
wide scene, Harland looks at the errors made by the Ger- 
mans under Hitler in trying to recover from the destructive 
effects of theocracy. He keeps his eye on what is signifi- 
cant rather than merely sensational. 

This brief history puts the problems of the human spe- 
cies into a context where effecive action to correct them 
can be seen as a present possibility. 

81138 Hardcover $9.00 

8112X 5x8 permanent quality paperback $5.00 

SOVEREIGN PRESS, 326 Hauls Road, Rochester, WA 98579 U.S.A. 



This work sets forth the strategy of the Individual Sov- 
ereignty Society, ISS, for dealing with the causes behind 
the atomic bomb and all mass warfare - and for restoring 
Constitutional Government in the United States. Emphasis is 
on the unconstitutional power to control the value of U. S. 
money given to the Federal Reserve Bank, and the uncon- 
stitutional power of censorship given to those controlling 
radio and television broadcasting stations. Contains inform- 
ation about objectives, organization, and qualifications for 
membership in the ISS. 
24 page brochure $1.00 

84200 HUMAN CULTURE OF HUMANS, Valorian Society. 

The focus is on the problem created by breeding for 
mass manipulation as it now exists in the United States - 
because the media is pushing our Government, despite our 
Constitution that opposes it, in the worldwide totalitarian 
direction. Bypassing the media that will not permit open 
discussion, this work presents a practical method for 
achieving its two immediate objectives: (1) Abolish the un- 
constitutional Federal Reserve System, and (2) Remove the 
unconstitutional "laws" that give the media power to censor 
open discussions and manipulate Congress. The necessary 
action to accomplish these objectives, which is already 
under way and rapidly accelerating, is precisely described. 
32 page brochure $1.00 

86235 HUMAN HISTORY 5x8 paperback, 112 pages $4.00 

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Human Culture of Humans 1.00 

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Ring Cycle, Gorham paper 5.00 

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